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NEED A Little help Finding
your Parking Deals?

Our Focus Is To Put Customer Service Back Into Your Parking Experience. 

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Hi there, you can list any Parking with us.

We distribute your parking spaces to hundreds of thousands of customers so you can reach new customers and be seen against your competitors.

Hi there, you can list any Parking with us.

We distribute your parking spaces to hundreds of thousands of customers so you can reach new customers and be seen against your competitors.

Parking Deals Australia FAQ's

Ahhh yes thought you might ask!

Parking Deals Australia works with parking companies (big and small) to negotiate parking deals, coupons and discounts for users just like you. We get the deals and make sure that the right customer gets the right deal to save on their parking. You can simply find where your thinking of parking, see if we have a deal for that parking and you can use that deal on the parking company’s website by clicking the book now button or Get Quote Button on the deal page. We are here to help you save time and money on parking!

So you have found the perfect deal on Parking Deals Australia but how do you claim it?

There are a few different types of ways to claim the deal. 

Coupon Code:¬†To claim a coupon code, simply copy the code with a right click and then click the book now button on the page, you will be brought to the parking companies booking system in which there will be a box where it will say something like “Promo Code”, simply enter the code and the discount will automatically be deducted from the total price.¬†

Flat Rate Deal:  If the deal is not a coupon and is a flat rate price, simply click the book now bottom and ensure that you are parking within the right time and you will be charged the special price. 

Online Booking With Parking Deals Australia: For many Airport & Cruise parking companies across Australia we offer online booking through our website and manage your bookings. Our rates are normally heavily discounted and our coupon code can be applied on our site. 

Creating a parking account: For some parking companies like Divvy Parking,  Wilson Parking and Secure Parking you will need to create a parking account before your parking. Simply follow the steps on the parking companies website. 

Not yet, however, we manage the online bookings for many car parks across Australia. So it may look like we are the car park but you will be still be parking with the companies you love!

Parking Deals Australia does not own any car parks, we just make it easy for people like yourself to find parking and save on your experience. We are 100% online, while it may seem like we own car parks we do not as the companies we work with do own them.

Black Market parking is exclusive to Parking Deals Australia and despite the name is not actually illegal or anything like that. We call it Black Market parking because it is super cheap up to 70% off the normal parking rates. We don’t send you the exact location of the car park until you book due to the prices being so cheap, we do tell you things that are close to the car park or the street it is on, no need to worry though as we do have a 3 day money back guarantee so if you don’t like the parking you get your money back with no questions asked. Parking Deals Australia wants to provide you with the best parking experiences possible.¬† Want to park on the Black¬†Market?

As Parking Deals Australia does not own any car parks, once you are off our site we are not responsible for the car parks operation, how ever the Parking Deals Australia team does care about our users experience so you can always call our customer service line or contact us with your problem for our bookable car parks that are booked through us:

Customer Support CALL: 1300 635 822

Not our company? The best thing to do is email or call the parking company that you have experienced the problem with and they will solve it for you.

You can contact Parking Deals Australia Here 

We sure can, 

Parking Deals Australia covers many different types of parking such as CBD Parking, Airport Parking, Event Parking & Hospital Parking. 

CBD Parking: Is all the parking within the city. CBD parking prices are based around the times of the day.

Early Bird Parking:  This parking is great for CBD workers as it usually cheaper and based on daily rates but you usually must enter between 5am -9am and exit no earlier than 12pm, this varies between car parks . It is a great cheaper option for people who work in the CBD and need to park for work. 

Daily/Hourly Parking: Daily and hourly parking is a type of CBD parking that allows you to park for the day which is daily parking or just an hour or two this is hourly parking. If you drive up to a car park without booking online you will be charged hourly rates which are usually more expensive.

Weekend Parking: Is parking during the weekend, it is usually cheaper than parking during the week but can only be used on the weekend, ( Saturday or Sunday )

Evening Parking: Is parking during evening times, usually from around 5pm to 12pm. It is cheaper than parking during the day and is often discounted. 

Monthly Parking: Is parking that allows you to enter a car park for 24/7 for just a fixed rate per month. You will often have to pay in advance a couple of months but can be cheaper than daily parking while making parking easier. 

Airport Parking: Is the parking at the airport for when you travel, you drive to the car park and drop off your car so it is safe while you are away and the car parking complex shuttle buses you to the airport. You can usually use coupons and claim deals to save on your parking as for a few weeks away the parking can be upwards of $300+

Event Parking: We often find all the best deals and parking information for events around Australia and make it easy to get the best parking for the event you are attending.

Parking Deals Australia is Australia’s #1 parking deal & discount platform. Helping millions of Aussies to make their parking experiences easier and cheaper with 1000’s of parking deals, discounts and coupons from all the major parking companies across Australia. We are 100% Australian owned and operated with our team working 24/7 to help you when parking with valid parking deals and great customer service to help you find the best parking for your needs. If you are ever struggling to find the right parking deal or just have a parking question, feel free to talk to our customer service team.

Airport Parking Across Australia 

Airport parking is one of our most popular parking categories, every year we help hundreds of thousands of people save time searching for Airport parking and hundreds of dollars with the best and most up-to-date parking deals, discounts and promo codes across Australia. We offer great deals for outdoor and indoor parking at a range of different parking providers from onsite airport parking to off-site parking companies. You’re really spoilt for choice when looking for airport parking with us our team works with now your every airport parking company to give you the very best value and selection. You can even book parking some of the most trusted parking companies at major airports across Australia on our site at discounted rates Plus our customer service support will always be there to help you out with those little questions that you may have. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead start your Airport Parking search and get a great deal!

Brisbane Airport Parking | Gold Coast Airport Parking |Sydney Airport Parking | Newcastle Airport Parking | Melbourne Airport Parking | Adelaide Airport Parking 

If you booked with Parking Deals Australia and looking to get a refund, please contact customer service HERE

Our Refund Policy Is:

All online bookings are subject to our refund policy structure below:

  • 21 business working days or Less ‚Äď 75% Refund
  • 14 business working days or Less ‚Äď 50% Refund
  • 7 business working days or Less ‚Äď No Refunds
  1. The only event that you may receive a full 100% refund without purchasing refund protection is if we have oversold the spaces in a car park and you cannot park your car.
  2. To request a refund you must contact customer service with your booking number and email used to purchase the parking. Contact customer service HERE
  3. If you don’t let Parking Deals Australia know in writing of a refund you may not receive a refund.
  4. Please note that refunds may take 5-10 business days to show up in an account.

Have the peace of mind while your away and makes sure that if anything goes wrong you are covered. Parking Deals Australia Travel Insurance makes it easy for our parking customers like you to get cheap travel insurance for your trip.

You can:

  • Search Quotes¬†
  • Compare Your Quotes¬†
  • Book your travel insurance online at a great price¬†
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Park & Stay by Parking Deals Australia allows customers to not only get super cheap parking at Airports and cruise ports around Australia but also gives you access to cheap hotels at major hotel chains. Booking a hotel can be perfect for when you are staying the night either before or after your trip so you can get some much-needed rest at a cheap price. Our car park deals are located right below or near all hotels for added extra convenience.

Find all the latest Hotel & Parking Deals HERE 

Park AD gives brands and companies the exclusive opportunity to get their brand in front of more than 2 MIllion+ customers with ads in car parks which prove to be highly effective in acquiring new customers. 

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