Wickham Terrace Car Park Review

Wickham Terrace Car Park Review

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3 weeks ago
Relatively cheap CBD parking. Easy entry and exit. Good for those parking in the city and heading home to the inner northern suburbs

Gavin Stowers

a month ago
Good value central city carpark. $18.00 early bird is one of the few under $20 parks left. Finding my way out on to the street was a bit of a challenge. But once I learned which levels (2,3,4) allowed me access to the street, all was well.

Anna-Maria Fradelakis

3 months ago
Very helpful staff and easy 24/7 access. I felt very safe within the car park as it was very well lit

Connie Sinll

5 months ago
I inserted my ticket and it read under the 30min mark. Whilst waiting for service it ticked over and for less than a half an hour park I was forced to fork out $18. No customer service what so ever. Do not recommend.


2 weeks ago
Best and most cost effective parking with easy walk to mall

Hortense Tam

4 months ago
$5 packing (weekday evening), great value for city parking.

Theo Drew

a month ago
Easy access and reasonable prices on weekends.

Josh Keegan

a month ago
Always a park available and reasonably priced.

Om Perkash

2 months ago
Little congested parking, but reasonable price to park in Brisbane CBD. 200m away from my office, I park here when I need. Make sure you take advantage of early bird, you enter before 9am and leave before 7pm.

David Whyte

5 months ago
Good reliable parking. Pretty Central to the city with getting stuck in the gridlock.

Brett Crowther

2 weeks ago
$5 weekend parking is the best

Dhiraj Nayanar

4 months ago
Best early bird parking rates.

Russell McKee

2 weeks ago
$18 early bird all day parking

Mark Wehling

a week ago
One of the cheapest early bird parks in Brisbane!

Dean Alterator

3 months ago
Early bird at $18 is the cheapest in the area

Michael Rutherford

a month ago
The spaces are small.

Jamie Bailey

3 months ago
Early bird price of $18

Zachary Rook

a year ago
Height clearance is bad. Safety is low cleanliness is moderate.

Sue Raward

a year ago
Great bargain city parking, I will return.

Azhar Ridhwan

a year ago
Weekend pricing not bad

Rob Crane

8 months ago
Cheap weekend parking

Dan Petrovic

3 years ago
A bit pricey, but overall a good car park.

 Happy parking from the Parking Deals Australia team!


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