Secure Parking – 140 Elizabeth Street Car Park Review

Secure Parking – 140 Elizabeth Street Car Park

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a month ago
I prebooked my parking and paid $6 at 140 Elizabeth Street – followed all the directions to the address but when it came to leaving the car park the super unhelpful woman told us that 140 Elizabeth Street Secure park is not in fact located …More

Joshua Pe Benito

2 weeks ago
Very spacious parking spots. Central location but a bit on the expensive side of the spectrum for CBD parking.

Lyndon S

4 months ago
They are constantly changing early bird parking. I normally come in and use it once in a blue moon and I used to validate on the B5 or B6 levels and it was fine. Now, they do not tell you until you get in there it’s online only… …More

Richard Haddad

7 months ago
This company has the most horrible customer service I have ever had to deal with. After reserving a spot and ending up driving to the wrong parking, I informed Secure Parking with the confusion that the GPS gets lost on that busy road and …More

Ian Thwaites

2 weeks ago
Didn’t realize how expensive it was going to be. $79.95 for 3 hours. ?

Edwin Salim

5 months ago
Good luck on getting to your car on weekend nights

Micael Karlsson

6 months ago
Prices are a f-ing rip off! We payed $78 a couple of hours of parking! Insane…

Spool Accounts

6 months ago
Booked a bay and no parks were left. Staff advised that I can park in any of the reserved parking in the evening. Bit of a hassle to get back into when the office is closed.

Steven McMullen

a year ago
worst parking ever, i will never be back and hope no one else goes. We went to park, they did not tell us it was full, went all the way to the bottom and had to turn around and leave, a lineup to get out, in the parking lot for 30 mints for nothing. The worst

janny wang

4 months ago

Andrew Boisen

11 months ago
The secured parking for discerning parkers.

B Long

3 years ago
I had to park there this morning and it was an absolute disgrace. I was in a wheelchair and had to get dropped off at peak morning traffic. My driver stayed a total of 11 minutes and was told there was no circumstance that she would be …More

The Protein Powder Chef - Barbara Sanchez

2 years ago
Extremely disappointing. When I paid at the station the machine would not give me the ticket to exit from the car park, on operator told me to go to the exit anyway and call the operator that would let me go out. Waiting at the exit, I …More

Navjot Singh

a year ago
Not worth the money and so inaccessible.
Should hang your heads in shame secure parking

Andrew Finlay

10 months ago
Crazy expensive but that is Brisbane wide

Ganesh Kumaran

3 years ago
Stay Away from the 123 Albert street parking…first of all it is NOT ON THE ALBERT st, it is on Elizabeth st….HOW on the world will anyone using GPS or new to city will know that, unless you roam and roam and roam wasting time and …More

Paul King

3 years ago
Was good for parking outside peak hours at Christmas. Prepaid online and was only $5

Amy O'Farrell

3 years ago
Extremely disappointing.
Both pay stations on B2 and B4 were Out of Order.
30 people in total were waiting to pay for their parking while the ill-mannered …

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Donna Gallehawk

6 years ago

Your parking is advertised as being able to accommodate vehicles of up to 2.3m in height. Our van is 2.2m and half way down the levels we pulled into one of the few vacant parks only to bend and scrape the roof. I have the photos and ticket to prove the damage that occurred at the time of being there. Please email me as I want to organize compensation.

Parking Deals Australia

6 years ago

Hi Donna, That is something you will have to bring up with Secure Parking as Parking Deals Australia is only here to help you find parking. Feel free to message our customer service and we will forward it onto Secure Parking Thanks

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