More Tips To Saving Money On Parking

5 more ways to save money on parking

The team at Parking Deals Australia know how expensive parking has become with an average price of $60 Australia wide so we have put together another 5 tips to saving money on parking.


1. Become a member of big parking complexes

Becoming a member of big parking complexes/ corporations can bring great benefits such as deals and coupons, event parking notifications and many other great privileges.


2. Read the signs

Just because a car park states a specific time, it pays to read the signs before parking. They may have increased their fees without you knowing it or there may be unknown conditions about the rates of the park. If realise that the fee increase is just too much, turn around and find another car park.


3. Take the advantage of shop perks

Many establishments such as shopping centers or big brands have collaborations with car parks, giving their customers discounted parking fee. Some even offer free parking when you buy something from their store. Check if the shopping mall or supermarket you frequently visit offers car parking perks.


4. Book in advance

This method was included in our last list of money saving tips but it is so crucial that it made the cut on this list as well. Booking in advance could save you a tonne of cash from different places especially airports and you may even score some bonus discounts from booking online.


5. Park outside the airport grounds

If you’re going to the airport, consider parking off-site. Prices vary but in general, you’ll get big savings when you find off-site parking and most of the time your vehicle is just as secure. Also, it’s much faster to get to the plane when you park off-site since it is congested as airport parking grounds.


Happy parking from the Parking Deals Australia team!


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