Secure Parking – Makerston House Car Park Review

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Secure Parking – Makerston House Car Park Review

Read real reviews from real people for the Makerston House car park located in Brisbane which is one of Secure Parking many car parks.

Car Park User Reviews

User Rating –┬á3.0

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Jasna Bogdan
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I hardly ever drive to the city and the last time I did I validated a ticket near the pay stations to get an early bird rate. I tried to do that this morning (7 June 2017) but there didn’t seem to be an area to validate it. I called Secure Parking they said I had to book online to get the rate. I didn’t know you had to do this. I tried to book ASAP before 9.30am but it was too late and it wouldn’t go through. They said to create an account and send through an email explaining what happened and that I will get a credit, not a refund. I hardly ever park in the city so credit is useless to me. Pretty average experience overall.

Dave Amies
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Pretty useless having a paid parking station that closes before the end of business hours and before many people finish work, a bit like a restaurant closing for lunch and dinner.

Kailas Dierk
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Secure bike parking for employees.

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Secure Parking – Makerston House Car Park

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Secure Parking – Makerston House Car Park Review

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