The Hidden Cost Of Airport Parking

Avoiding Hidden Airport Parking Fees

Airport parking is a service that millions of people use every year and it can be often quite hard to not only find a great park but also avoid the hidden fees of Airport Parking

The Parking Deals Australia team has investigated this and found out what you need to avoid when using airport parking!

Booking Fees

Just because you found a great parking deal doesn’t mean that is the price you are going to pay, be aware when checking out that you are not being charged a booking fee as they can range from $2 to $5. In Brisbane BAP is the only company charging booking fees as they charge a $2 booking fee.

Cancellation Fees

Don’t get caught out with expensive cancellation fees when you have to cancel your booking, know ahead of time!

Airpark  – Full cost of park if not cancelled in 24 hours

BAP – $5 fee if not cancelled in 24 hours

Portside Parking – $15 cancellation fee

Gateway –  $10 Cancellation fee

Alpha – No Cancellation fee

Andrews – $10 Cancellation

Don’t make your parking experience a bad one, park smarter with Parking Deals Australia

Happy parking from the Parking Deals Australia team!

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