NSW Sydney Airport Parking Rates, Promo Codes & Info

Sydney Airport Parking Rates and Promo Codes

The best place to securely park your car and save money at the Sydney Airport.

Parking Promo’s

NSW $15 Daily Flat Rate Space Shuttle Airport Parking Deal

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$15 Flat Rate Space Shuttle Airport Parking

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Airport Parking Sydney Rates

Days Airport Express Park & Fly Mascot Airport Sydney Airpark
1 Day $30 (outdoor only) $42 (undercover valet); $39 (outdoor) $30 (undercover) $50 (indoor); $50 (outdoor)
2 Days $50 (outdoor only) $72 (undercover valet); $69 (outdoor) $32 (undercover) $65 (indoor); $50 (outdoor)
3 Days $65 (outdoor only) $98 (undercover valet); $95 (outdoor) $48 (undercover) $65 (indoor); $60 (outdoor)
4 Days $80 (outdoor only) $118 (undercover valet); $115 (outdoor) $64 (undercover) $80 (indoor); $70 (outdoor)
5 Days $95 (outdoor only) $138 (undercover valet); $135 (outdoor) $80 (undercover) $100 (indoor); $80 (outdoor)
6 Days $110 (outdoor only) $150 (undercover valet); $147 (outdoor) $96 (undercover) $120 (indoor); $95 (outdoor)
7 Days $125 (outdoor only) $162 (undercover valet); $159 (outdoor) $112 (undercover) $130 (indoor); $105 (outdoor)
8 Days $135 (outdoor only) $174 (undercover valet); $171 (outdoor) $128 (undercover) $140 (indoor); $110 (outdoor)
9 Days $145 (outdoor only) $186 (undercover valet); $183 (outdoor) $144 (undercover) $150 (indoor); $115 (outdoor)
10 Days $155 (outdoor only) $198 (undercover valet); $195 (outdoor) $160 (undercover) $155 (indoor); $120 (outdoor)
11 Days $165 (outdoor only) $210 (undercover valet); $207 (outdoor) $132 (undercover) $160 (indoor); $125 (outdoor)
12 Days $175 (outdoor only) $222 (undercover valet); $219 (outdoor) $144 (undercover) $170 (indoor); $135 (outdoor)
13 Days $185 (outdoor only) $234 (undercover valet); $231 (outdoor) $156 (undercover) $180 (indoor); $140 (outdoor)
14 Days $195 (outdoor only) $246 (undercover valet); $243 (outdoor) $168 (undercover $185 (indoor); $145 (outdoor)

Rates are accurate as of July 2017

Best choices for Sydney Airport parking:

Best Sydney airport parking option for: Which company and why?
Cheapest for one day of parking:
Mascot Airport: From $20
Cheapest for one week of parking:
Sydney Airpark: From $100
Cheapest for two weeks of parking:
Sydney Skypark: From $125
Cheapest covered option:
Mascot Airport: $20 for one day
Best shuttle bus service
Park & Fly: On-demand buses
Most secure option
Park & Fly: Fully gated, restricted access facility with security patrols and cameras
Closest to the airport
Park & Fly and Mascot Airport
Best for extra freebies:
Mascot Airport: Washes your car, and free detailing once a year for members

Sydney Airport parking map:

What else do I need to know about airport parking Sydney?

Is there a shuttle bus provided?

A shuttle service is provided to take you and your luggage to the departure terminal once you have securely parked your vehicle.

  • Airport Express: Free shuttle bus service when you need it
  • Park & Fly: Free shuttle bus service when you need it, with ten running in constant operation.
  • Mascot Airport Parking: Free shuttle bus service when you need it
  • Sydney Airpark: Free shuttle bus service when you need it

Can you cancel airport parking in Sydney if you’ve pre-booked?

Yes you can. However, it is important to note that some airport parking facilities will charge a no-show fee.

Does airport parking in Sydney get cheaper the longer you park?

Yes. The longer you leave your car, the daily rate decreases. After two weeks, most facilities charge a standard daily rate.

Do different companies provider Sydney airport parking for domestic than international?

While some airport parking lots may be located closer to the domestic or international terminals, the free shuttles provided will drop you off at the correct terminal for your flight.

Is airport parking safe in Sydney?

Airport parking in Sydney ensures your vehicle is secure for your peace of mind when travelling.

  • Airport Express: Security fenced with CCTV monitoring
  • Park & Fly: Fully gated, restricted access facility with security patrols and cameras
  • Mascot Airport Parking: Secure undercover parking
  • Sydney Airpark: 24 hour security monitored facility

How does pre-paid airport parking work in Sydney?

Once you’ve decided on a parking facility of choice, make a booking using the online form or via phone. Use our promo codes during checkout for more savings. Once your booking is confirmed and payment is made, drive your car to the carpark. Get on the free shuttle bus and head on to Sydney airport knowing that your vehicle will be secure the entire time you are away. Credits –Finder 

Happy parking from the Parking Deals Australia team!


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