How to save $100’s on your weekly CBD parking for FREE!

brisbane-cbd-chiropractor-slideshow.jpgThe Brisbane CBD Is Parking Mad!

Are you Brisbane city worker? Do you shop in the the Brisbane City? Well its safe to say that if you are parking when you are doing so, its expensive!

Parking Prices in the Brisbane City are reported to be up to $70 per day which is the most expensive in Australia and this is just outrageous. So what can you do to save?

You could just take public transport but do you really want to be standing on an overcrowded bus or train after a long day of work? Didn’t think so…

Parking has its perks but the price is not one of them and that is why Parking Deals Australia is here to fix that. Parking Deals Australia is a Brisbane based website that provides Australia’s leading solution to the parking discount and info user gap. We do this by providing our users just like you with 100’s of the best deals and parking info for Airport, CBD, Hospital and event parking with deal and info updates every single day because we know that you hate parking and it’s our mission to help you save on parking and ensure our service is absolutely free to use.

So know that you know your new little secret to save on parking it’s time to find the right deal for your needs and save!

Happy parking from the Parking Deals Australia team!


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