Saving Money On Parking In 2018

Save money on parking this year!


Its a new year and everybody is back at work but for many people that means hefty parking fees every week. So how can avoid wasting money on parking?

No need to stress as the Parking Deals Australia team is here to help!

If you are working in the CBD whether that be Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne parking is never easy but we have some tips for savings.

Early Bird Parking 

Early bird parking is one of the parking industries little cheap gems. With prices from just $10 per day it is way cheaper than normal daily or hourly parking, so how do you get it?

Whether you are parking with Secure, Wilson or Cornerstone Parking they all offer their discounted early bird parking for city workers. Early bird parking is only available at certain entrance times early in the morning usually from 6am to 9am. Some parking companies offer these discounted rates only through online bookings while others offer them as drive in rates.

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Evening Parking 

If you are heading to an event or just a night out having a car is always a great convenience but no one wants to actually pay money for parking when they could be spending it on so many other things.

Evening parking deals can save you big bucks on your night out and here is how. Just before you go out and book parking, head to our website Parking Deals Australia then pick your city and you can find all the most relevant and cheapest evening parking deals.

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Monthly Parking 

Working in the city means racking up a big parking bills from parking every day but there is a better and cheaper way and that is called monthly parking.  With monthly parking you can reserve your own private car park by paying a fixed monthly rate in advance. Parking Deals Australia has some of the most competitive monthly parking rates and deals with rates that average out to just $7 per day for a prime position parking.

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Happy Parking From The Parking Deals Australia Team!

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