8 Less Stress And Cheaper Parking Tips

We know you hate parking! That’s why the Parking Deals Australia team has some great tips for you to help you save money and make your next parking experience a little less stressful

1. Book monthly parking as you can cover all your parking straight away and save money on your parking. View all Brisbane monthly parking here

2. Park on the city fringe as rates vary across the CBD. By parking on the fringe in suburbs like Spring Hill, you’ll pay less and gain the health benefits of a five-minute walk.

3. Use the free time limit if you have a quick errand. Many car parks are free if your stay is under 10 minutes.

4. Set a timer on your phone, as some retail car parks offer the first two or three hours free. The timer will help ensure you don’t overstay.

5. Time your arrival by checking when the evening, off-peak, AM Parker or PM Parker rates begin and plan your journey around the cheaper rates.

6. Venue parking validation can save you money when you dine or go shopping, as many restaurants, businesses and shops have parking deals with nearby car parks such as Secure Parking, Wilson and Cornerstone Parking

7. Bulk-parking discounts can be found through loyalty programmes and for long-term and casual parkers, they can offer substantial savings.

8. Use Parking Deals Australia’s Black Market Parking and book parking for a guarantee of 60% off!

Happy Parking From The Parking Deals Australia Team!

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