BNE Brisbane Airport Parking Deals, Rates & Info

BNE Brisbane Airport Parking Deals, Rates & Info

Travelling for work or just going for a holiday? If your flying out of Brisbane Airport chances are that you will need to park if you want the convention of driving. No need to stress about parking at the Brisbane Airport has Parking Deals Australia has all the best Brisbane Airport Parking deals, rates and information right here!

Brisbane Airport Parking Deals

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Brisbane Airport parking rates

1 day
$22 (outdoor); $26 (covered)
$20 (outdoor)
$15 (outdoor); $20 (covered)
$18 (outdoor); $22 (covered)
2 days
$33 (outdoor); $45 (covered)
$40 (outdoor)
$30 (outdoor; $40 (covered)
$26 (outdoor); $43 (Covered
3 days
$48 (outdoor); $64 (covered)
$59 (Outdoor)
$40 (outdoor); $60 (covered)
$36 (outdoor); $54 (covered)
4 days
$57 (outdoor); $79 (covered)
$79 (Outdoor)
$50 (outdoor); $80 (covered)
$41 (outdoor); $63 (covered)
5 days
$64 (outdoor); $85 (covered)
$85 (Outdoor)
$60 (outdoor); $95 (covered)
$46 (outdoor); $74 (covered)
6 days
$73 (outdoor); $94 (covered)
$90 (Outdoor)
$70 (outdoor); $110 (covered)
$51 (outdoor); $82 (covered)
7 days
$79 (outdoor); $99 (covered)
$99 (Outdoor)
$78 (outdoor); $120 (covered)
$59 (outdoor); $88 (covered)
8 days
$86 (outdoor); $108 (covered)
$109 (Outdoor)
$86 (outdoor); $130 (covered)
$65 (outdoor); $93 (covered)
9 days
$93 (outdoor); $114 (covered)
$119 (Outdoor)
$94 (outdoor); $140 (covered)
$69 (outdoor); $99 (covered)
10 days
$98 (outdoor); $119 (covered)
$129 (Outdoor)
$100 (outdoor); $150 (covered)
$75 (outdoor); $104 (covered)
11 days
$104 (outdoor); $125 (covered)
$139 (Outdoor)
$105 (outdoor); $160 (covered)
$81 (outdoor); $112 (covered)
12 days
$108 (outdoor); $129 (covered)
$149 (Outdoor)
$110 (outdoor); $170 (covered)
$86 (outdoor); $116 (covered)
13 days
$112 (outdoor); $136 (covered)
$159 (Outdoor)
$115 (outdoor); $180 (covered)
$91 (outdoor); $120 (covered)
14 days
$119 (outdoor); $143 (covered)
$169 (Outdoor)
$120 (outdoor); $180 (covered)
$95 (outdoor); $125 (covered)
Additional days
$5 per day (outdoor); $6 per day (covered)
$10 per day(outdoor)
$5 per day (outdoor); $10 per day (covered)
$5 per day (outdoor); $6 per day (covered)

*These rates are valid for bookings made in advance and are accurate as of July 2017*


So, which Brisbane airport parking option is the best? Here’s how they compare:

  • Cheapest for one day of parking: Airpark
  • Cheapest for one week of parking: Gateway Airport Parking
  • Cheapest for two weeks of parking: Airpark
  • Cheapest covered option: Budget Airport Parking (BAP)
  • Best shuttle bus service: Andrew’s Airport Parking
  • Most secure option: Andrew’s Airport Parking and Gateway Airport Parking
  • Closest to the airport: Airpark

Brisbane Airport parking map

How do airport shuttles work from the parking lots?

Shuttle service from the car park to the airport terminals is included in the parking fee.

  • Andrew’s Airport Parking: Regular service with six shuttles in constant operation to the airport terminals.
  • Airpark: Every 10 minutes from 5am until 11am; every 20 minutes from 11am until 5am the next day. Domestic shuttles only run from 4am until midnight. 5-7 minutes to the terminal.
  • Budget Airport Parking (BAP): Regular on-demand service to the airport terminals running from 4am until midnight.
  • Gateway Airport Parking: Regular on-demand service to the airport terminals.

What should I know about airport parking in Brisbane?

Airport parking lots in Brisbane are also located close to the cruise ship terminal at Portside Wharf, but not all lots will provide a shuttle service to the cruise port. Budget Airport Parking offers free transfers to the terminal from the park and cruise lot, however, the closest airport parking lot to the wharf is Gateway Airport Parking.

Does airport parking in Brisbane get cheaper the longer you park?

Yes. The per-day airport parking rate decreases the longer you leave your car. However, most seem to have a standard day-by-day rate once you park for 14 days.

Is airport parking safe in Brisbane?

Most airport car parks offer some sort of security system, whether it’s CCTV surveillance or on-site security guards. Many of the lots offer 24-hour service, so there should always be a staff member to help if you’re in need.

  • Andrew’s Airport Parking: 24-hour on-site security
  • Airpark: 24-hour CCTV surveillance coverage of the entire car park
  • Gateway Airport Parking: 24-hour on-site security

Big thanks to Finder for this great parking information!

Happy Parking From The Parking Deals Australia Team!

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