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Perth Airport Parking Deals, Rates & Info
Traveling for work or just going for a holiday? If your flying from Perth airport, chances are you will need to park at one of the several parking providers. No need to stress as the Parking Deals Australia team has all your Perth Airport parking deals, rates and info covered!

Perth Airport parking fees

DaysPerth AirportAirport Security ParkingHamer Airport ParkingSkyparkAirport Parking 4 Less
1 Day$26 (covered)$48 (covered)$15 (outdoor); $25 (covered)$30 (outdoor); $35 (covered)$27.50 (outdoor); $35 (covered)
2 Days$52(covered)$71(covered)$30 (outdoor); $50 (covered)$60 (outdoor); $70 (covered)$27.50 (outdoor); $35 (covered)
3 Days$65.65(covered)$90(covered)$45(outdoor); $75 (covered)$90 (outdoor); $105 (covered)$10(outdoor); $0 (covered)
4 Days$78.03(covered)$114(covered)$55 (outdoor); $87 (covered)$103 (outdoor); $126 (covered)$10(outdoor); $0 (covered)
5 Days$94.99(covered)$130(covered)$65 (outdoor); $99 (covered)$125 (outdoor); $153 (covered)$6(outdoor); $9 (covered)
6 Days$98(covered)$130(covered)$75 (outdoor); $111 (covered)$147 (outdoor); $179 (covered)$5 (outdoor); $9 (covered)
7 Days$108(covered)$138(covered)$85 (outdoor); $123 (covered)$168 (outdoor); $205 (covered)$5 (outdoor); $9 (covered)
8 Days$115(covered)$150(covered)$95 (outdoor); $135 (covered)$178 (outdoor); $219 (covered)$13.4 (outdoor); $23.5 (covered)
9 Days$123 (covered)$162(covered)$105 (outdoor); $147 (covered)$188 (outdoor); $233 (covered)$21.8 (outdoor); $38 (covered)
10 Days$130 (covered)$176(covered)$115 (outdoor); $159 (covered)$198 (outdoor); $247 (covered)$30.2 (outdoor); $52.5 (covered)
11 Days$138 (covered)$181(covered)$125 (outdoor); $171 (covered)$208 (outdoor); $261 (covered)$38.6 (outdoor); $67 (covered)
12 Days$146 (covered)$166(covered)$135 (outdoor); $183 (covered)$218 (outdoor); $275 (covered)$47 (outdoor); $81 (covered)
13 Days$153 (covered)$166(covered)$145 (outdoor); $195(covered)$228 (outdoor); $289 (covered)$55.4 (outdoor); $96 (covered)
14 Days$159.99 (covered)$176(covered)$155 (outdoor); $207 (covered)$238 (outdoor); $303(covered)$63.8 (outdoor); $110.5 (covered)

Rates are accurate as of July 2017

So, which Perth airport parking option is the best? Here’s how they compare:
  • Cheapest for one day of parking: Hamer Airport Parking
  • Cheapest for one week of parking: Airport Parking 4 Less
  • Cheapest for two weeks of parking: Airport Parking 4 Less
  • Cheapest covered option: Perth Airport Parking
  • Best shuttle bus service: Perth Airport Parking
  • Most secure option: Perth Airport Parking
  • Closest to the airport: Skypark Valet

Perth Airport Location

Are free shuttles provided?
  • Perth Airport: Free bus to terminal every 10 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Airport Security Parking: Chauffeur service available for free for all customers
  • Hamer Airport Parking: Complimentary valet service on demand
  • Skypark: Fast and free shuttle on demand
  • Airport Parking 4 Less:
    On demand courtesy shuttle service
Can you cancel airport parking in Perth if you’ve pre-booked?
Yes you can. However, it is important to note that there may be cancellation charges with some parking facilities.
Does airport parking in Perth get cheaper the longer you park?
Airport parking rates do get cheaper the longer you park. Most vendors charge a standard additional rate after a set number of days.
Is airport parking safe in Perth?
When you park your car at any of the parking facilities, you can be assured that it will be safe. These are the security measures taken to ensure your peace of mind:
  • Perth Airport: 24/7 security patrols, CCTV surveillance and help points to staff any time of the day.
  • Airport Security Parking: Fully fenced and patrolled 24/7 with CCTV surveillance
  • Hamer Airport Parking: Extra high fencing with security patrols, alarms and video surveillance
  • Skypark: Facility is monitored 24 hours with mobile patrol teams, cameras and electronic surveillance.
  • Airport Parking 4 Less: Around the clock security
How does pre-paid airport parking work in Perth?
Compare the rates of the parking facilities and choose an option that best suits your needs. You can make a booking online or over the phone to secure a parking spot. All of these parking facilities accept major credit cards. Use one of our active promo codes during the checkout process to save on your booking. Drop off your vehicle at the parking facility and hop onto the free shuttle service to be transferred to Perth Airport.

Happy Parking From The Parking Deals Australia Team!

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