Treasury Hotel Brisbane Parking Deals, Discounts & Info

 Treasury Hotel Brisbane Parking Deals, Discounts & Info

Heading to the Treasury Casino and Hotel in Brisbane? Park cheap with these great parking deals and discounts plus information for your stay at the Treasury Hotel and Casino. One of Brisbane’s best destinations, the Treasury Casino and hotel is great to relax and have some fun

Location: 130 William St, Brisbane City QLD 4000

Wintergarden Parking Over Night Deal 

$20 Per Night

Entry: between 12:00pm – 11:45pm 

Exit between 5:00am – 12:00pm

Only available by pre-booking in advance. For 1 night, book via Secure-a-Spot above: entry between 12:00pm – 11:45pm & exit between 5:00am – 12:00pm next day.


Winter Garden Car Park Deal

$6 Secure Parking Evening Parking Deal


 All Deal Info Here 

Park Near By for 50% OFF Hotel Parking 

As parking is very expensive overnight for hotel parking, a great option is to contact Secure Parking’s Hotel parking service which will give you exclusive parking rates for hotel parking. Pricing can be around $50 for 3 nights depending on the days. To claim these rate you must make an enquiry with Secure Parking on the below link.

Click Here To Book Hotel Parking 

You will receive your exclusive parking rates for your stay

$25 All Day Parking Option At The Myer Centre 

Pre-Booked Rates Monday to Friday (Peak)

Available online only

  • Booked entry after 3 AM and before 2 PM
  • Bookings available for single days only
Period Pre-Booked Rates
0 to 1 Hr $10 BOOK NOW
1 to 2 hrs $15 BOOK NOW
2 to 3 hrs $20 BOOK NOW
Over 3hrs $25 BOOK NOW

Nearby Cheap Parking Options For Treasury Casino & Hotel Brisbane

Brisbane City Council Car Park – King George Square & Wickham Terrace Car Parks

Saturdays and Sundays – $5 per day

Saturday: Entry from 7am and exit before midnight.

Sunday: Entry from 7am and exit before 11pm. Offer subject to availability.

Vehicle entry and exit points

Wickham Terrace Car Park has two entry and exit points for vehicles via:

  • Turbot Street – entry and exit
  • Wickham Terrace via Creek Street – left-turn entry only
  • Wickham Terrace – left-turn exit only

More Info here 

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