$99/WK 24/7 Access Platinum Park Card Myer Centre Brisbane CBD

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$99/WK 24/7 Access Platinum Park Card Myer Centre Brisbane CBD

Do you work in the city and are you tired of booking early bird rates online every morning and not having any flexibility to park when you want but without getting charged expensive parking fee’s?

The Parking Deals Australia team has the perfect solution for you! Become a Platinum Park Member and park in the prime Brisbane CBD 24/7 for just $99/WK.

Why should you join?

✔️24/7 Access all week (7 Days)

✔️Unlimited entries and exit’s  

✔️ No $500 monthly bills just $99/WK Direct Debit

✔️Prime position Brisbane CBD Location

✔️No need to book online every day 

✔️Cheaper than early bird parking

Where can you park?

You will be able to park 24/7 at the Myer Centre car park which is Brisbane’s #1 voted car park and a prime CBD location 


Ready to make your best parking decision ever?

Great! To view all information and book your card click the book now button.

Happy Parking From The Parking Deals Australia Team

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  1. Mohiuddin Mahmud says:

    Hi, I would like to book a week parking in Myer Centre car parking. Please let me know how should I book the parking.

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