$16 Early Bird Adelaide CBD Parking Deal K Park

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The Parking Deal

Park at K Park’s 20 Playhouse Lane car park right in the heart of the Adelaide CBD all day for just a $16 early bird parking rate.

Standard Early Bird:

$17.00 in by 9.30am out before 7.00pm

Super Early Bird:

$16.00 in by 8.30am out before 7.00pm

This offer will not last long

How to claim this rate

1. Arrive at K Parks 20 Playhouse Lane car park

2. Enter car park between 9.30am and exit before 7.00pm for a $17 all day rate

3. Enter car park between 8.30am and exit before 7.00pm for a $17 all day rate

 The Fine Print

Only valid for early bird parking times and this offer is subject to availability.

 About K Park

K Park is Adelaide’s most trusted & affordable parking company. With great daily, monthly & event parking rates, K Park has all your parking needs covered plus find great deals on Parking Deals Australia!



Happy Parking From The Parking Deals Australia Team!

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