Top 5 Brisbane Car Parks

[TOP 5] Cheapest Brisbane City Car Park Options 2020

Best Brisbane CBD Car Parks For The Cheapest Price Of 2020

Have you been browsing the web for cheap car parks in Brisbane only to find that there are so many to choose from that you do not know where to begin?

While many of these car parks claim to be cheap or have great rates, we’ve found that there is a wide difference in price.

Some car parks can be over-priced for location, not be safe, or just have really bad reviews.

So it is vital to do your research before choosing the right car park for you.

Discover what car parks are great for monthly parking or find out what car park deals are on the market that you didn’t even know about

Learn about parking and how to win a great price from the people who know parking… Parking Deals Australia.

This guide has been designed to provide you with all the answers you seek.

Table Of Contents
  1. Top 5 Brisbane CBD Car Parks
  2. Myer Centre Car Park
  3. King George Square Car Park
  4. Winter Garden Car Park
  5. QueensPlaza Car Park
  6. McArthur Chamber Car Park
  7. Tips To Save Money At Brisbane Car Parks
  8. What is Monthly Parking & Who Is It Good For?
  9. What To Look For Before Booking A Car park
  10. How To Find Parking Coupon Codes, Discounts & Deals
  11. Early Bird Parking Explain And The Best Deals
  12. What Car Parking Companies Are There?
  13. The Bottom Line For Parking In Brisbane

Top 5 Brisbane CBD Car Parks

  1. Myer Centre Car Park
  2. King George Square Car Park
  3. Winter Garden Car Park
  4. QueensPlaza Car Park
  5. McArthur Chamber Car Park

Myer Centre Car Park

Brisbane Car Park #1: Myer Centre Car Park

The Myer Centre Car park is located directly underneath the Myer Centre. With a convenient entry gate on Elizabeth St the car park is very easy to enter and boasts over 2000 parking bays making it the biggest car park In the Brisbane CBD. The car park is technologically advanced with a pre-booking system that sees users not even needing to take a ticket upon entry due to their Number Plate Scanner upon entry and exit. With so many bays the car park can be flexible with parking rates as seen below:

Key Car Park Rate Features (As Of April 2020):

Early Bird Online Booking: $10

Night Parking Online Booking: $5

Weekend Parking Online Booking: $5

Car Park Location: 66 Elizabeth Street, Brisbane

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Book Online King George Square Car Park

Brisbane Car Park #2: King George Square

King George Square is one of 2 Council operated CBD car parks in Brisbane. The prime location car park on Adelaide st offers convenient entry and exits for CBD commuters. With over 500 parking bays, simply pricing, on-site customer support and clear signage the car park has been a long time favourite for works in the city for over 10 years. The only downside to this car park is that it is really difficult to get a monthly parking space in and that the early bird parking spots fill up really quick in the morning plus there is no online booking system so it is just first in first served. See great parking rates below:

Key Car Park Rate Features (As Of April 2020):

Early Bird Drive-Up $5

Night Parking Drive-Up: $5

Weekend Parking Drive-Up: $5

Car Park Location: 87 Roma St, Brisbane City QLD 4000

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Winter Garden Car Park

Brisbane Car Park #3: Winter Garden Car Park

Located right down the street from the Myer Centre Car Park the Winter Garden Car park operated by Secure Parking is one of the busiest and most popular car parks in the Brisbane CBD. Featuring a fantastic location right on Queen St Mall the car park is a favourite for shoppers and on top of that has great parking rates/deals that work fantastic for shoppers and CBD workers. The only downside is of course how busy space is and for early bird parking sometimes you will have to hand over your keys to a car park attendant to park the car. They have some great parking rates as seen below:

Key Car Park Rate Features (As Of April 2020):

Early Bird Drive-Up $22

Night Parking Drive-Up: $14.30

Weekend Parking Drive-Up: $14.30

Car Park Location: 162 Elizabeth Street, Brisbane

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QueensPlaza Car Park

Brisbane Car Park #4: QueensPlaza Car Park

The QueensPlaza Car Park is located in the QueensPlaza shopping centre with the entry and exit along Edward St. With over 1000 parking bays there is plenty of parking at this car park for such a fantastic location that makes it the perfect car park for shopping or working in the city for the day. Operated by Secure Parking prices are extremely expensive if you just drive up so it is always best to book online and prices are not too bad. If you are willing to pay a little bit more for a great clean car park location this is the spot for you. Browse rates below

Key Car Park Rate Features (As Of April 2020):

Early Bird Drive-Up $26.50

Night Parking Drive-Up: $15.30

Weekend Parking Drive-Up: $15.30

Car Park Location: 250 Edward Street, Brisbane

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Brisbane Car Park #5: McArthur Chambers Car Park

Operated by 3 different parking companies the McArthur Chambers covers a wide variety of parking services for customers. The daily car park for early bird, evening and weekend parking is operated by Secure Parking. Plenty of available spaces, easy entry/exit and a prime location makes this car park one of the best in Brisbane. Parking Deals Australia and Cornerstone parking operate several monthly parking spaces at very cheap parking prices. For all parking other than monthly parking it is best to book online with Secure Parking as drive-up rates are extremely expensive.

Key Car Park Rate Features (As Of April 2020):

Early Bird Drive-Up $26

Night Parking Drive-Up: $13.30

Weekend Parking Drive-Up: $13

Monthly Parking: $350

Car Park Location: 246 Elizabeth Street, Brisbane

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Tips To Save Money At Brisbane Car Parks (That Actually Work)

Parking, in general, is an expense that everyone would rather avoid but often we fall into situations when we must park. So why pay full price when you can park cheaper…

It’s Parking Deals Australia’s job to help you save money next time you park and over the last few years, we learnt the tricks to help you save.

The best parking tips we have to saving money next time you park in the Brisbane CBD are as follows:

1 . Always Compare Online Before You Park
  • Yes, it’s a simple one, a quick search online at parking prices clears up a lot of confusion. You can clearly see the different prices at car parks basically in the same location, our team have found differences in pricing as much as $30 for the same type of parking
  • Platforms we recommend to compare parking prices
  • 1. Parking Deals Australia >> 
  • 2. Secure Parking
  • 3. Wilson Parking
2. Pre-Plan You Parking Times/Trip
  • Car parks price their parking based on different time slots ie Early Bird, Hourly, Afternoon, Evening, Weekend. These different times have different pricing and can be drastically different. If you can pre-plan when you are looking to park you can try to park during one of these times and significantly save on your parking. We suggest using tip 1 to compare prices of parking during this time (Parking Deals Australia compares all the parking companies during these time slots)
3. Always Pre-Book Your Parking Online
  • If you are parking at any car park it always pays off to check if you can pre-book the car park online. Booking online almost every time guarantees cheaper parking prices and a secure parking spot. Not to mention that when you book online you have already pre-paid so exiting is simple and you can use coupon codes to save even more money on your parking. (Parking Deals Australia always has the latest parking coupon code for car parks across Brisbane)
What is Monthly Parking, How Does It Work & Is It Worth It?

Monthly parking is parking that allows you to park every single day for as long or as little as you like for just a fixed price per month. You will normally get your own access card that you just swipe into the car park for access and so there is no need to take a ticket, in some car parks if you’re a monthly parker you will even get your own exit lane so it’s express. Monthly parking prices can vary a lot based on the car parks location, parking type if you get your own bay or you just park anywhere.

Parking Deals Australia can reveal that the average monthly parking cost in Brisbane CBD is around $500 – $600 a month but prices can reach $1000/month.

To get monthly parking normally you would have to contact the car park provider you would like to park with and ask for a quote at the specific car park you would like then sign a monthly agreement. Much like how renting a house would work but easier. Parking Deals Australia makes that even easier by bringing transparently in your hunt for monthly parking as we work with over 10 parking providers across Brisbane and list parking prices online at our Monthly Parking map for you to browse and then submit your interest for space or book online.

Is Monthly Parking worth it? The answer is, it depends. If you are just parking in the city for just one or 2 days a week then we would suggest just daily or early bird parking but if you are parking over 3 days a week we suggest you consider monthly parking. The benefits of monthly parking are that it can often be cheaper or the same price as your normal parking depending on how much you park but monthly parking takes the absolute hassle out of parking.

  • Fixed monthly price (cheap if you book with Parking Deals Australia)
  • Never have to pre-book online
  • Always have guaranteed parking
  • Have a super smooth entry and exit to the car park

Most people who have monthly parking work in the city as it is super convenient for the work week but then again you can also park on the weekend when you go shopping.

What to look for before booking a car park

As we have previously mentioned, there are so many different car parks to choose from when booking parking and it can be really frustrating.

The best thing to do is to compare your options and we make that easy for you to do.

Tip 1: Read Car Park Reviews

As when as that It always helps to read reviews on the car park and this usually gives away any problems with the car park based on other customers experience.

Tip 2: Check Car Park height

To avoid wasting money please check the height of the car park. I know it sounds simple enough but you would be surprised at the amount of customer service calls we get of people who’s cars won’t fit the car park height. Often they will have to park somewhere else and we would refund their money but sometimes getting a refund from parking companies other than us can be really challenging.

Tip 3: Check opening and closing times

Like a lot of shops and bars in Brisbane City they close at some point during the night and this is also the same for some car parks. We suggest before booking your parking that you check the opening and closing times of the car park. If a car park closes on you, not only will your car be stuck in there and you will have to pay more money but if you want to get the car out you will have to pay a call-out fee which can be upwards of $125! To avoid this simply check the car park opening times when booking online.

Tip 4: Check the car parks parking type times

If you are looking for early bird parking make sure you double-check what the early bird parking times are ie enter before 9:30 am and exit after 2 pm that same day. Often these are different between car parks and car park providers. If you don’t park during these times parking can be 3 times the price.

How To Save Money On Parking With Coupon Codes And Find Deals

Parking is expensive but there are super easy ways to save on your parking, especially with coupon codes and parking deals. All the big parking companies will offer discount codes and great parking deals. Just how good these deals are depending on a few things. Usually deals are structure around low peak times for car parks when not a lot of people are parking such as evenings and weekends.

What Are The Most Common Parking Coupons?

  • Early Bird Parking Deals
  • Weekend Parking Deals
  • Evening Parking Deals
  • Monthly Parking Deals

What’s The Best Way To Find Valid Coupon Codes?

Normally coupons are promoted directly from the parking company ie on Secure or Wilson Parking’s “offer section” however at Parking Deals Australia we have all the latest coupons categorized and easy to find and use on our site.

Get the best coupons right now:

Browse Brisbane Early Bird Parking Coupons And Deals >>

Browse Brisbane Evening Parking Coupons And Deals >>

Browse Brisbane Weekend Parking Coupons And Deals >>

Browse Brisbane Monthly Parking Coupons And Deals >>

How do you use coupons when booking parking?

Once you’ve found a great coupon it is simple to use the coupon and save. Simply head to the car park providers website you would like to book. Find the car park and enter your travel details as asked then you should see an “apply coupon code” box and enter the coupon. Whatever the value of the coupon will be deducted from the price.

Are Parking Coupons Worth It?
  • Yes, they are. We make it easy for you to find coupons on Parking Deals Australia, simply copying a coupon code can save you significant money on your parking.
What Is Early Bird Parking And Is It Worth It?

Early Bird parking is offered by most Brisbane CBD car park providers. It is the cheapest all-day parking option for spending a day in the city for work, however, it has a few key conditions. Each car park providers early bird parking entry and exit times conditions vary but normally to claim the special early bird parking rate you will have to enter the car park before 9 am and exit after 2 pm the same day. Early bird parking prices can be up to 60% and for car parks, this is an easy way for them to fill a space early in the morning.

What are the downsides of early bird parking?

Not many but with cheaper parking you do lose a bit of freedom. Some car parks make early bird parkers park on the bottom levels of car parks so it might be a little more time-consuming. You will also be locked into when you can enter and exit the car park in order to claim the cheap parking rates.

Overall early bird parking is a great cheap alternative to expensive parking rates if you work in the city every day and is very popular among CBD workers.

What Parking Companies are located across the Brisbane CBD?
  1. Secure parking
  2. Wilson Parking
  3. Cornerstone Parking
  4. Care Park
  5. Brisbane City Council
  6. Parkable
  7. Myer Centre Car Park
  8. Astor Terrace Car Park
  9. Apollo Parking
  10. Parkhound

Which Car Park Company Has the Most Car Parks?

  • Secure Parking

Which Car Park Has The Most Flexible Rates

  • Myer Centre Car Park

Which Car Park Has The best Locations

  • Cornerstone Parking

Where Should You Look For Monthly Parking

  • Parking Deals Australia Monthly Parking Map

The Bottom Line For Parking In Brisbane

There is plenty of great parking option in the Brisbane CBD, however, some car parks are extremely expensive. It is always best to pre-plan your trip, compare parking online with Parking Deals Australia and pre-book online. You can save money by using coupons codes and parking deals which cans ave you up to 60% off your parking.

To avoid disappointment at the car parks always:
  1. Read car park reviews
  2. Check car park height
  3. Check entry/exit times
  4. Check parking types times
Ready to book a park? Browse all Brisbane Parking HERE

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