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Parking is expensive we know that.

Daily parking across in the  CBD can cost a fortune, you have to book every day and fight other parkers for a space.

If you are parking for more than 3 days a week in the city, there are better parking options.

Monthly parking is your one-stop parking solution that will give you total parking freedom.

What makes monthly parking so good?
    • Pay just a fixed price per month
    • Unlimited parking. Park as much as you like
    • Unlimited entries and exits
    • Swift entry and exits with access cards and express parking lanes
    • Guaranteed parking space
    • Highly affordable and cheaper than daily parking

But I heard monthly parking is really expensive and difficult to get?

Yes, that may be true with the big parking companies. At Parking Deals Australia we bring you the monthly parking that the big parking companies don’t want you to know about so they can charge you higher prices. We give you a comprehensive overview of the parking market across the CBD from all the parking companies as well as “Black Market” providers.

What Is Black Market Parking?

Black Market Parking is all the super cheap parking from independent parking companies that have only a few car parks. Yes, it is legal its just a cool name. These car parks will let you know all the facilities of the parking space such as rough location, the parking type (undercover or outdoors) as we as the access type. What’s the catch? The only catch is that you will have to submit your interest in the parking space before you can get the exact location. These monthly parks are usually super cheap and hard to get so it’s first in first served.

Rent cheap parking across Australia

Parking Deals Australia has 100’s of cheap and secure parking spaces available for rent in prime locations right around Australia. You can select to rent undercover, outdoor, garage or warehouse storage and parking spaces for your car. The average monthly price for parking across Australia is $500 – $650 per Month. Our parking maps and deals make it extremely easy to search, compare and book monthly parking at a great location. GET STARTED >> 

Do you have a spare garage or car park that you could lease with Parking Deals AU?

There are plenty of people looking for cheap and secure parking across Australia. You could earn upwards of $10,000 a year from renting out your space each month. You don’t have to even do anything other than just lease your space out with us! It really is a great way to make money and help people get a great parking spot.

Parking Deals Australia takes care of:
    • Advertising your space
    • Contracts
    • Payments
    • Management of your space customers
Best of all:

It’s totally FREE!

Lease your space now>>

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