Sydney Car Storage Deals & How To Save Money

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Do you have a car that you don’t use often and that just sits in your back yard or on the street? Chances are that you don’t want your investment in your car to be lost to damage or the car ageing, luckily car storage is a great option for you to keep your car safe and secure. In Sydney there are plenty of different car/vehicle storage options however like many of our customers the task to find a storage company can take up a lot of time and be confusing. At Parking Deals Australia we make finding the perfect car storage option for you in Sydney super easy plus we have fantastic deals that you can use to save even more money!
Why should you consider vehicle storage?
  • Car storage ensures your vehicle is safe and secure. No more on the street parking
  • Keep value in your vehicle with proper storage that ensures your car is kept in good condition
  • Save up to 60% on vehicle storage with Parking Deals Australia
How much does it cost to store a car in Sydney?
Prices are pretty similar for indoor and outdoor car storage across Sydney:
Average Indoor car Storage Price per month: $200 – $500 Inc GST 
Average Outdoor car Storage price Per month: $150 – $300 inc GST 
What is cheaper indoor or outdoor car storage?
Firstly the difference between the two storage options is pretty clear as indoor storage means your car will be securely kept indoors away from the elements. Where outdoor storage means your vehicle will be kept outdoors and means it is less safe. The cheaper option will always be outdoor storage due to its increased security for your vehicle.
How do I save money on my car storage in Sydney?
Our number one tip is to do your research before booking your car storage. Luckily for you, our team at Parking Deals Australia is always on top of the car storage market in Sydney with all the latest storage deals, discounts and promotions in the one website. You can also subscribe to our daily deals and we will send you all the latest deals as they come on our site. Because we have so many customers we use our customer power to get cheaper deals than other companies so it really pays to be apart of Parking Deals Australia. 
Does Car Storage Get Cheaper The Longer I Stay?
Yes! The longer you store the better rate or deal you can often get. Car storage companies love loyal long term customers to we can always ensure you get a great deal for signing a long-term contract. Plus when you store your car with a long term storage provider you can often also get your car serviced to keep it in top condition for when you want to use the car again.
Why Are Car Storage Prices Different Across Sydney?
Car storage pricing is always around the same ball-park price,  however, the price really changes depending on a few things. These are the type of storage facility, this could be a 24/7 access, CCTV and secure indoor facility which you pay more for compared to outdoor storage in a land lot. Price does reflect the quality of storage you are going to get but all storage companies are safe and look after your car. The location of the storage location also changes the pricing, for example, a storage company just outside the Sydney CBD will be significantly more expensive as land is more expensive and the storage is more convenient. 
Benefits of Car Storage:
  • Free’s up space for you 
  • Keeps your car safe and secure 
  • Keeps your car in good condition 
  • Flexible if you need your car 
  • Affordable Service With Parking Deals Australia 
What Are Some Popular Storage Companies In Sydney?
Rent A Space: Offers multiple storage locations across Sydney for cars, trucks and caravans. They currently have several great deals on at the moment that can save you up to 40% on your vehicle storage. Their flexibility allows for outdoor or indoor storage with drive-up access, security alarms and CCTV security surveillance.
Hills Self Storage: If you are looking for affordable and secure car storage in Sydney Hills Self Storage is a fantastic and popular option for you. They currently have deals up to 50% off your first few months. They also offer multiple storage options such as indoor, outdoor, container storage for your vehicle.
Metro Storage: Do you need to store your car, caravan, motorbike, camper trailer, truck or boat in a safe and secure area? Metro Storage is one of Sydney’s premier storage providers with fantastic pricing for indoor and outdoor storage across multiple storage locations in Sydney.

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