Luggage Safety Tips for Your Trip to Sydney

Luggage Safety Tips for Your Trip to Sydney

The capital of New South Wales and the most populous city in Oceania and Australia, Sydney is a great place to visit any time of the year. But being in an unfamiliar city full of thousands of people can make it difficult to keep track of your bags. Especially when you are trying to enjoy the sights.

Losing them or having them stolen can bring a fun vacation to a screeching halt. You can take certain steps to make sure you don’t become a victim of baggage loss while you are in Sydney. One thing you can do to make sure your suitcases stay safe is to use a suitcase storage locker in Sydney where they are secure.

Pick the Right Luggage

First of all, the luggage you use makes a big difference. While those soft-sided bags at the discount shop are cute and cheap, the hard cases that cost a bit more can be worth it. They are harder to break into and keep your items from getting damaged if they happen to get dropped or thrown around. 

A hard-shell case may not be able to stretch to fit those extra clothes in, but they are also not able to be broken into as the soft cases. Anyone can just cut a hole in your soft luggage and get whatever they want out of it. All you have to do is take your eyes off of it for a minute. 

Lock it Up

Even hardcover suitcases can be tampered with so using a lock on your suitcase is a great idea. It may be more inconvenient to get in and out of your case quickly but that is the whole point. If it is inconvenient for you, that means it is even more inconvenient for those who do not have the combination. 

Do not choose a lock with a key. Those are easier to pick and losing the key means you will have to break into your own bag. Get a TSA (Travel Sentry Approved) combination lock for your case if you are flying. That way, if airport security needs to get into your case, they will not have to break the lock. 

Minimize the Pockets

Having a bunch of extra pockets on the outside of your case is convenient for those items you may need in a hurry, but they are also easy for anyone to open when you look away. It takes about 10 seconds for a thief to unzip a pocket and grab your belongings without you even noticing. Until you are looking for your wallet.


Never Leave Your Bags Unaccompanied

It may be difficult to keep your eyes on your bags the whole time, especially when you are busy trying to grab a coffee or snack while waiting for your plane. Take your eyes off your luggage and someone may just walk away with it. If the airport is crowded, they can disappear into the crowd and be gone in a few seconds. 

Better yet, if you can manage it, pack all your things in one bag. The less luggage you have to worry about the better. It is hard enough to watch one bag but if you have several, how are you going to watch them all when you are trying to chase your kids, make a phone call, or grab your ticket and ID?

Get Travel Insurance

You may not have even thought of it, but travel insurance is important. Especially if you are bringing a few pieces of luggage with laptops, expensive cameras, and other valuables. The travel insurance you get through the airlines is often not sufficient. Get something more substantial if you need insurance. 

Use a reputable insurance company that is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). While some travel insurance companies do not include luggage insurance, most of the reputable ones do. However, it is best to check with the company first and read all of the small print. Make sure it is worth the money.

Do Not Leave Belongings in Your Hotel Room

Most people probably think that their hotel room is safe. Especially if it is an expensive well-known hotel. But you have no idea who is going in and out of your room when you are not there. The housekeeping service may seem trustworthy, but do you want to risk your $2,000 camera on that?

Rather than leaving your bags in your room, take them to a luggage storage company. There are lots of them in and around Sydney and so you will not have to worry about anything happening to your things. The storage companies are typically insured and they usually seal your suitcases for you too. 

Smaller items, like your money and passports, should be safely stowed in the hotel safe if you are heading out on an adventure where they could easily get lost. You can carry a piece of regular ID and a photocopy of your passport or a scanned copy on your phone. If you do have to carry your passport, keep it on your person in a secure pocket.


Enjoy the Trip 

In a nutshell, carry luggage that can stand up to the rigors of travel and think about insuring your suitcase and valuables. Bring just one bag if you can, and make sure it is securely locked. Once at your destination, don’t worry about your suitcases for the duration of the trip. Consider stowing them with a luggage storage service.

You want to have a fantastic and memorable vacation in Sydney, but you do not want it to be memorable for the wrong reasons. Keep your luggage safe while you enjoy the city and you will have a much better vacation. 


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