Things to Consider When You Are Traveling by Car

Having a personal vehicle is a blessing as long as you know how to keep it protected while you are away. Travelling long distances on a trip is extremely convenient if you have a car with you. Problems arise when you need to leave your car behind while you are away on vacation. This is tough because without a personal vehicle, even getting to these tourism spots becomes an ordeal. However, once you reach the venue, the vehicle becomes a burden

Cars are expensive, long-term investments that require care and maintenance. Neglect it, and it will stop working. For instance, drivers leaving their vehicles for long durations may return to face engine troubles or a battery malfunction. Furthermore, there is always the risk of the car getting stolen if you leave it unattended or unsecured. There are many risks that you need to consider and act upon. This article focuses on some of the steps that you can take when you are traveling with your vehicle.

Exterior Storage

There are various exterior storage options that you can choose from – depending on the location. These include parking your vehicle in the open or hiring a spot in the airport you’re flying out from. Check below for some ideal examples to solve this issue.

General Parking Spots

Perhaps the most convenient type of parking is to use general parking spots within the city. These are dedicated locations where you need to pay for a place and can keep using it as long as you keep paying. Prices are usually standard and affordable. However, external conditions like harsh weather or flash floods can significantly damage your vehicle if parked in an open spot. Certain parking spots, especially the ones in rural areas, do not have a high level of security. Parking in such spots for a prolonged period can be risky as there is a possibility of the car getting stolen. We suggest you use effective locking mechanisms to prevent such crimes.

There is also a chance of your vehicle getting damaged in the parking lot while you are away. Curious children, drunkards, or simply the vehicle in the adjoining spot can cause physical damage to the car’s body. The best way to prevent such damage is to use ceramic car paint protection. This is a special ceramic coating that is applied over the factory paint on your vehicle. It is an extremely durable paint coating that is hard to scratch or taint permanently. Having this applied to your vehicle will allow you to breathe easy and focus on your vacation.

Airport Parking

If you are looking for a parking spot to store your car for some time, chances are, you are about to travel somewhere far and might embark on a flight. In such cases, you have the choice to leave your car at the airport parking spot. Most airports have open parking lots where you can keep your vehicle for a high price. This makes airport parking facilities not worthy if you intend to park long-term. An easy solution is to look for general parking spots nearby.

Additionally, most airports have hotels within the locality. Although many hotels would refuse to allow parking space if you are not a guest, you can certainly bargain or look for other options. If budget allows, go ahead and book a room in the hotel. This would free up a dedicated guest parking spot just for you!

Interior Storage

Many people do not prefer external storage due to the risk of incurring damage from the elements. The risk of theft is also a great concern. To battle these inconveniences, interior storage is the way to go.

There are specialized parking facilities that provide underground parking options. They can have their rules, guidelines, and security standards which you need to consider beforehand. Some places monitor the interior temperature and maintain a set limit. Others primarily focus on security issues. A few even provide great rodent and pest control services that a lot of people look for these days.

The most popular interior storage option is a rentable personal garage. Many homeowners have an extra storage space in the garage that they tend to rent out. While there are no promises of constantly monitoring and keeping the vehicle safe, it certainly is a cheap and convenient option indeed. If you have concerns about the quality, you can always leave your car at a friend’s place and not worry about it at all.

Precautions to Take

A car’s battery is constantly drained even when the engine is turned off. If you are going away for a long time, make sure you disconnect the battery of your car. This is to ensure you do not face a surprise after coming back from your trip. Additionally, try to fill the tank before you leave. This will stop moisture from entering the fuel chamber and damaging the internals. Set the wheels on a jack to prevent them from developing flat patches which eventually damages the tire permanently. Finally, do not forget to cover your car. This will keep any dust from gathering and permanently staining the exterior.

Final Words

There is nothing wrong with going away for a long holiday. However, there is everything wrong with neglecting your vehicle while you are away. Proper storage is mandatory. It can determine whether you would need to spend atrocious amounts of money for repairs upon return, or simply get in the car and drive home.

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