5 Great benefits of early bird parking in the Brisbane CBD

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Do you work in the Brisbane city and need cheap parking every day for work? It’s no secret that parking every day can not only be really frustrating, but it is also really expensive. With parking rates being up to nearly $100 a day a Brisbane being the most expensive parking city in Australia, people look for cheaper parking alternatives.

Early bird parking is a very popular parking type amongst CBD workers across many major cities across Australia due to the discounted rates that complement work hours. If you’re not sure about what early bird parking is, you can read our article here

Here are 5 great benefits of early bird parking

Benefit 1- It’s cheap, like way cheaper than daily parking.

Early bird parking is a lot cheaper than hourly or daily parking. Often up to 60% cheaper and if that’s not a big enough reason to start parking during early bird times, I don’t know what is.

Benefit 2 – It works well with your work hours.

Enter between 5am – 9am and exit between 12pm- 5pm those are some of the average early bird parking times. Yes, it may vary from parking complex to parking complex, but these hours work very well with most CBD workers hours in Brisbane. Sure, some peoples work hours may differ and that may be a downside, but this is very helpful to a lot of people.

Benefit 3 – Early bird parking is a fixed parking rate all day.

No more parking that feels like a slot machine that just surprises you with all the money its taking from you. If you stay within the early bird parking hours, enter and exit at the right times you will only be charged the fixed early bird rate. A lot of the early bird rates in Brisbane you can see on Parking Deals Australia, the early bird Brisbane parking category is linked below.

Benefit 4 – You don’t have to pre- book online.

A great benefit of early bird parking is that you can just turn up at the car park in the early bird parking times and be charged the early bird rate. No need to waste time booking online.

Benefit 5 – You can use early bird parking every day of the working week

No one off cheap parking, early bird parking is available all week Monday to Friday so you can park cheaply all day every day.

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