5 Reasons why you should be using early bird parking in the Sydney CBD

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Working in the Sydney CBD is not only stressful with the amount of traffic around the place but first of all, you don’t want to be circling around the streets trying to find a car park and then secondly get charged super expensive rates to park every day. With parking rate in Sydney nearly $100 per day as Sydney is the second most expensive parking city just after Brisbane,  you want to save on your daily parking and early bird parking is great for that!

Early bird parking is a very popular parking type amongst CBD workers across many major cities across Australia due to the discounted rates that complement work hours. If you’re not sure about what early bird parking is, you can read our article here

Here are 5 great benefits of Sydney early bird parking


Benefit 1- It’s cheaper than daily parking

Often up to 60% off what the normal parking rate would be, Early bird parking is a lot cheaper than hourly or daily parking. When you are parking more than three days a week in the Sydney CBD any saving you can get is worth it.

Benefit 2 – Early bird parking complements Sydney work hours 

Enter between 5am – 9am and exit between 12pm- 5pm those are some of the average early bird parking times. Yes, it may differ from parking company to parking company, but it is clear that these work hours work well with early bird parking times and this was what the parking companies are trying to do in order to help the growing CBD working population.

Benefit 3 – You know how much parking is going to cost you for the day

Have you ever been scared when you put your ticket into the pay machine because you don’t know how much parking is going to cost you? Well with early bird parking this is not a problem because the parking is a fixed rate as long as you enter and exit within the right times.

Benefit 4 – You don’t have to pre- book online.

No need to be tech savvy when you want cheap parking with early bird parking as most of the car parks you can just turn up to the car park and as long as your in the right time you can claim early bird parking rates.

Benefit 5 – You can use early bird parking every day of the working week

You didn’t just save money on parking for one day of the week, with early bird parking you can parking all business week and park cheaply all work days. This is a great benifit of Sydney early bird parking but do be quick to claim the parking as the car parks that are popular do fill up quick!

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