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Adelaide Airport Parking Deals, Parking Information & How To Save!

South Australia’s capital city Adelaide is famous for art galleries, exotic zoos, and a laid back culture. Millions of people travel in and out of Adelaide every single year through Adelaide airport as it’s South Australia is hub to the world. Parking Adelaide Airport can be very expensive and there’s the last thing that you want to be stressing about after you booked your flights, pack your bags and getting ready to go on your trip. The Parking Deals Australia team has done all the hard work for you and finding you the best Adelaide Airport Parking options, tips and parking information to help you not only park easy but also save money.

About Adelaide Airport Parking & How To Save 

With Adelaide being a relatively small city in Australia there were fewer parking providers based around the Adelaide Airport. Parking is still very expensive but definitely cheaper than either Brisbane or Sydney. If you’re looking to save on your Adelaide Airport parking and number one suggestion would be to book online and compare your airport parking providers prices before you book.  Also above you can find our latest Adelaide Airport Parking discounts and deals that definitely help you save a lot of money on the trip when booking online.

Main car park operators in Melbourne

Adelaide airport parking consists of one onsite parking provider being the Adelaide Airport which offers secure parking at a reasonable price is just a short walk from the airport. If you’re looking for a cheaper option offsite airport parking providers such as Andrews Airport parking on great as they’re cheaper but also have great service and only a short 15-minute shuttle bus from the airport which is included in your booking.

Parking Offers

  • Terminal drop off parking
  • Weekend parking 
  • Short term parking 
  • Long term parking 

Where to park at Adelaide Airport? Benefits of off-site Adeliade airport parking

  • Cheaper than onsite parking
  • Free shuttle bus to the airport
  • Your car is secure
  • Flexible parking hours and easy to book
  • Can get great deals or discounts on Parking Deals Australia

Benefits of on-site Adelaide airport parking

  •  Walk to the airport
  •  Very convenient
  •  Can get rewards to use in the airport
  •  Your car is safe and secure
  •  No need to get a shuttle bus

Are off-site airport parking complex’s safe?

Yes- Off-site airport parking complexes have 24/7 security to ensure that your car is safe and secure plus they have insurance so if anything does happen you are covered but this does vary between car park so we do encourage you to read the T’s & C’s when parking. 

Why are the off-site parking complex’s cheaper than Adelaide Airport?

Being situated about a 10 – 15-minute drive from the airport the parking complexes are not as convenient as the onsite airport parking so that is why they are cheaper but to complement they have free shuttle buses that are always on time and perfect for getting to the airport on time.

How do book off-site airport parking?

To book off airport Adelaide parking you simply just go the complex’s website and book online. You can get quotes for your parking and then book and park.

Andrews Online Booking 

Which is the best Adealide Airport parking option? Here’s how they compare:

  • Cheapest for 1 day of parking: Adelaide Airport

  • Cheapest for 1 week of parking: Andrews Airport Parking

  • Cheapest for 2 weeks of parking: AS Parking

  • Cheapest covered option: Andrews 

  • Easiest location experience: Adelaide Airport

  • Safest parking option: Adelaide Airport