Our Latest Adelaide Airport Parking Deals

Your plane tickets are booked. Bags are packed but oh… what about your Adelaide Airport Parking?
With over 8 million passengers every year, Adelaide Airport is the 5th busiest airport in Australia.
Adelaide Airport, like other major airports in the world, is constantly busy. Always people going to and fro. 24/7. It never stops.
Think about all the transportation needed just to get to the airport.
The options for transport to the airport are typically one of the 4
  1. Having a friend drop you off (if you’re lucky)
  2. Public transport (hassle)
  3. Taxi (expensive)
  4. Airport parking
If you’re not lucky enough to have someone that will drop you off at the airport, you really have 3 options.
If you don’t want the hassle of public transport, or the expense of a taxi… Then airport parking is your best bet.
Adelaide Airport Parking can be a little confusing. So for your benefit…

Here’s our guide to Adelaide Airport Parking.
On-site vs. Off-site Adelaide Airport Parking
What is the difference between on-site and off-site parking?
The answer is quite literal.
On-site parking is… On-site. On the premises. At the location which you are parking for.
Off-site parking clearly then is to park somewhere else, usually nearby.
Specifically in airport terminology, on-site parking is on the grounds of the airport. Off-site is generally very closeby in private lots/garages.

What Is Best For You? (On-site or Off-site)
Whether on-site or off-site is best for you, depends on your needs/wants.
These needs/wants include:
  • Budget – How much money do you have to spend on airport parking?
  • Proximity – How close do you want to be to the terminals?
  • Preference – Do you want a luxury service? (Valet for example)
  • International/Domestic – Which terminal will you be using?
There are definitely other factors, but answering these 4 should give you the right airport parking for your needs. Whether that’s on-site or off-site.

Off-site Airport Parking (Domestic + International)
Official airport parking is not the only choice out there. If you’re willing to do some research, great deals are out there.
The main difference from on-site parking, is the proximity to the airport. Being “off-site”, it’s not on the actual premise of the airport.
The main benefit of using an off-site airport parking provider, is cost/value.
On-site parking is seen as “official airport parking”. Due to its unmatched closeness to the terminals, they have guaranteed business/customers.
Off-site has to be competitive with the service they provide, to get business/customers. They must provide the best prices possible.

Here are the best Adelaide Airport off-site parking options.
Andrews Airport Adelaide Parking
Andrew’s Airport Parking is definitely one of the top Adelaide Airport off-site parking choices.
They provide competitive airport parking rates.
Andrews offers 2 types of parking.
  1. Undercover
  2. Outdoor
Have a look at the rates.

Andrews Airport Adelaide Parking rates

This is very affordable compared to other parking options available.
But that’s without Parking Deals Australia’s 10% discount.
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Here’s how the prices look with the discount.

You can see the discount for yourself.

Andrews Airport Parking Discount 10% Off

10% off is a lot of money when you’re parking for an extended period of time.

Andrews airport parking

Andrew’s Airport Parking is only a 13 minute drive to Adelaide Airport. On-Demand Shuttle Bus Service are provided, free of charge.

andrews airport parking map


  • Secure Airport Parking
  • Undercover + Outdoor Parking
  • 24 Hour Security
  • On-Demand Shuttle Bus Service (13 Minutes To Adelaide Airport)
  • On-Demand Return Shuttle Bus Service (13 Minutes To Andrew’s Airport Parking)
  • Car Cleaning Service (Additional Fee)
  • Car Detailing Service (Additional Fee)
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Airport Security Airport Parking
Airport Security Parking offers is definitely one of the top Adelaide Airport off-site parking choices.
They offer competitive undercover parking.
These are their rates.

As Parking rated

(Rates go up to 41 days)

These prices are great, but…

This is without Parking Deals Australia’s 12% discount.

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Add the 12% discount, and here’s how things look.

As parking rates

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Adelaide Airport Parking coupon code

The discounted price should come up like this.

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12% can be a huge chunk of change the longer your parking stay.

12% off As Adelaide Airport Parking

Undercover Airport Parking is just 5 minutes from Adelaide Airport. Free Shuttle Buses are provided. They run every 30 minutes.

Airport Security Adelaide Airport Parking Map

  • Secure Undercover Airport Parking
  • 24 Hour Security
  • Open 24/7
  • Shuttle Bus Service (5 Minutes To Adelaide Airport)
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On-site Airport Parking (Domestic & International)
Adelaide Airport has one terminal for both domestic and international travel.
This is important to note as other big Australian airports usually have 2.
Adelaide Airport has 2 parking options.
  1. Terminal Car Park
  2. Long Term Car Park

Adelaide airport Parking Map

It is a rather simple parking layout compared to other airports.

Terminal Car Park
The Terminal Car Park is a multi-story level car park, less than 5 minutes walk from the terminal. It features a link bridge direct to the terminal on level 2.
The official airport website suggests it is “ideal for business travel and picking up/dropping off”.
Here is where the car park is located.
Adelaide airport terminal parking map
It has over 1650 parking bays, spread across 4 levels.
Included in that 1650, are 48 disabled parking bays for those who need it. They are coloured blue. The disabled parking spots are situated next to an easy access lift.
There are also 4 parking bays for electric vehicles. They are fitted with a charging station. They are located on the 4th level on the car park.
Motorcycle parking bays are on all 4 levels of the car park.
The car park has a vehicle limit height of 2.2m. Vehicle length “should not exceed a 12 seat mini-bus”.
The Terminal Car Park has a special guidance system that indicates you where empty parking bays are. This saves you the hassle of finding them yourself. It also indicates the location and status of all other types of parking bays (disabled/electric).


  • Multi-Level Car Park (4 Levels)
  • Ideal For Business Travel And Dropping Off/Picking Up
  • Over 1650+ Parking Bays
  • 48 Disabled Parking Bays (12 Per Level)
  • 4 Electric Vehicle Charging Parking Bays (On Level 4)
  • Motorcycle Parking Bays On All Levels
  • Less Than 5 Minutes Walk To Terminal
  • Link Bridge To Terminal On Level 2
  • Undercover
  • 2.2m Maximum Vehicle Height
  • Secure 24 Hour Surveillance


Adelaide Airport Parking prices and what it costs to park at the airport

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Adelaide Airport Long Term Car Park
The Long Term Car Park is Adelaide Airport’s economical, long term parking. It is less than a 10 minute walk from the terminal.
This is where it’s located.

Where is the adelaide long term car park

The car park has a dedicated bus service. The bus ride is 5 minutes to the terminal. The buses run from 4:30 AM to 11:20 PM.
The shuttle bus is an “On-Demand” service. To schedule a bus, call 0478 286 655.
Here is a map of the bus service.

Shuttle Bus Pick up points

There are disabled parking bays. They are located adjacent to the entrance/exit of the car park.
Often the Long Term Car Park reaches capacity. There is an extra, “overflow” car park that can be accessed when this happens.
If parking for longer than 30 days, It is recommended (but not required) to email [email protected] to provide them your vehicle details. You can also phone (08) 8308 9380.
  • Large Open Air Car Park
  • Ideal For Economical Long Term Parking
  • Features Disabled Parking Bays (Near Entrance/Exit)
  • Overflow Car Park When Capacity Reached
  • Less Than 10 Minutes Walk To Terminal
  • On-Demand 3 Minute Shuttle Bus To Terminal (4:30AM-11:20PM)
  • Secure 24 Hour Surveillance

Long term adelaide airport parking pricing

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Adelaide Airport Parking Conclusion
Adelaide Airport parking is not as complex as other major cities like Sydney or Brisbane. Adelaide only has 1 terminal, for both International and Domestic travel.
This makes parking issues easier.
Whether you choose on-site or off-site parking, is going to depend on what you want and can afford.
If you want to be as close to the terminal as possible, use on-site parking. Specifically the Terminal Car Park. If it’s out of your budget, then use the Long Term Car Park.
Or if you don’t mind a little more leg work for a better deal, check out off-site parking. Andrews Airport Parking and Airport Security Parking are both great value services.
Happy Parking From The Parking Deals Australia Team!