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Parking in the Adelaide City 

Adelaide is one of Australia’s most popular cities and so parking can get pretty expensive and hard to find. In Adelaide, there are several different parking companies such as K Park, Wilson Parking and Secure parking. All these different parking companies offer a mixture of parking types such as early bird parking, daily parking, evening parking, weekend parking and monthly parking. We have done all the hard work for you and find you the best parking deals and discounts to save on your Adelaide parking.

Monthly Parking

If you work in the Adelaide CBD and park more than 5 days a week we have a great parking offering for you called monthly parking. What’s so great about monthly parking is how you can pay just for a fixed monthly rate and you can park 24/7 with unlimited entries and exits. All the major Adelaide parking companies offer monthly parking and you can find all the best monthly parking deals on parking deals Australia

Weekend Parking 

Weekend parking is perfect for a day out in the Adelaide CBD all parking companies offer weekend parking at severely discounted rates often from just $5 all day. Why is weekend parking so cheap? Well because there are fewer people work in the CBD that means that car parks need to get their spaces filled so they discount the rates and you can park cheap ark sheep.

Evening Parking 

Adelaide CBD parking evening times after 4 p.m. And before 12 a.m. Most parking companies offer evening parking and is a very cheap alternative if you’re working night shift or just going out for dinner. We have some great evening parking deals from just $10 all night.

Early Bird Parking

Early bird parking is Adelaide’s most popular parking type for CBD workers as it is super cheap and convenient. Early bird parking means that you have to enter the car park before 9 a.m. Is it after 2 p.m. In doing so you get much cheaper parking rates all day.

Brisbane Daily Parking

Parking companies daily parking often through flat rates around $20-$30 per day and this type of parting is great for shopping or working in the city. When booking daily parking we would suggest that you book online and compare all the different car parks for the same timeframe that you’re looking to park. This can help you save a lot of money in the long term and of course don’t forget to see if we have any great deals for you.

Why you should book online 

A Parking Deals Australia insider tip is to always book online, when you book online you’re not only guaranteeing your spot at the car park but you’re also receiving discounts as you’re paying directly to the parking company. For this they reward you by giving a cheaper rate than just driving up to the car park.


K-Park is Adelaides most popular car park provider with great parking rates and highly convienent car park locations. You can find great early bird and monthly parking on parking deals Australia.

Secure A Spot Online parking

Secure Parking’s “Secure a spot” online platform allows Parker’s to select of them many hundred car parks the Adelaide CBD and you not only that early bird and nightly rates. You can simply select the carpark they would like to park at, select the time in which you would like to park at the car park if it is daily parking put in the time that you arrived and the time that you exit. After this, you will be shown the price that you will be charged for your parking and simply book.

Book A Bay Online Parking

Another platform like secure parking online booking system is called “Book a Bay” by Wilson Parking. Book a Bay allows you to select and you all the Wilson car parks in the Adelaide  CBD, you can view all the rates, different types of parking that they offer and book online in just a few clicks. Much like Secure Parking, Wilson’s parking rates online are significantly cheaper and if you just drove up to the car park. So much so that you can save up to 60% for just booking online and often Parking Deals Australia offers Wilson Parking discounts, Coupons and vouchers that you can use when booking online to save even more money.

Happy Parking From The Parking Deals Australia Team!