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Brisbane Boat Storage Deals:
Owning a boat is amazing with the freedom to explore the open waters right across Australia however there is one problem boat owners face. That is, where do you securely store your beloved boat when your not using it? The answer to that questions is that there are so many different boat storage companies offering different services across Brisbane that you can often find yourself wasting so much time finding out which one is the right one for you. That’s why at Parking Deals Australia we simplify your search with the best companies from our experience, the best prices and of course our exclusive deals. In Brisbane you find two different types of Boat storage being indoor storage and outdoor storage with outdoor being the cheapest. If you are in search of cheaper options you can find coupons and deals below. 
Brisbane Boat Storage FAQ’s 
How much on average does boat storage cost in Brisbane?
Storage CompanyIndoor Price A MonthOutdoor Price A Month
Andrews Storage$200$150
Parkable Storage$150 
Pottsville Storage $120
Prices are pretty similar for indoor and outdoor boat storage in brisbane:
  • Average Indoor boat Storage Price per month: $200 Inc GST¬†
  • Average Outdoor boat Storage price Per month: $150 inc GST¬†
What is cheaper indoor or outdoor boat storage?
Firstly the difference between the two storage options is pretty clear as indoor storage means your boat will be securely kept indoors away from the elements. Where outdoor storage means you vehicle will be kept outdoors and means it is less safe. The cheaper option will always be outdoor storage. 
How can I save on my brisbane boat storage?
To save on your storage is very easy, check our website for exclusive discounts, vouchers and promo codes from boat storage providers. In general the longer you are looking to store your boat the more money you can save as you can get a cheaper rate.
Does storage get cheaper the longer I store?
Yes! The longer you store the better rate or deal you can often get. Boat storage companies love loyal long term customers to we can always ensure you get a great deal for signing a long-term contract. Plus when you store your boat with a long term storage provider you can often also get your boat serviced to keep it in top condition for when you want hit the waters again 
Why are boat storage prices different across Brisbane?
Boat storage pricing is always around the same ball-park price wise however the price really changes depending on a few things. These are the type of storage facility, this could be a 24/7 access, CCTV and secure indoor facility which you pay more for compared to outdoor storage in a land lot. Price does reflect the quality of storage you are going to get but all storage companies are safe and look after your boat. 
What is dry stack boat storage?
Dry stack boat storage is a premium boat storage option offered by several storage companies in Brisbane. Your boat will be stored indoors in a stack formation, keeping it off the ground and secure indoors. When you want to use you boat the company will remove it from storage and put it directly on your trailer or the water, sometimes you only need 1 hour noticed before you want your boat. To ensure your boat is kept in great condition, they will flush your motors and wash down the salt water from your boat. 
Benefits of Dry Stack Storage:
  • Extends the life of your covers and clears
  • Eliminates the need for anti-foul
  • Reduces engine maintenance
  • Prevents paint and fibreglass fade
  • No need for a trailer¬†
  • Reduces your insurance premium
  • You‚Äôre on the water quicker¬†
  • Pull up, step off and go home
  • No queuing at boat ramps¬†
  • Free up your driveway or back yard
What is the average cost of dry stack boat storage
The average cost of dry stack boat storage in Brisbane is between $400 Р$600 a month 
Why Should You Use Boat Storage?
Boat are such a big investment and the last thing you would ever want is something to happen to your beloved boat both big and small. When you are not using your Boat our storage facilities make sure you have peace of mind that your Boat is safe and sound, ready for your next big trip. We ensure Boat storage is highly affordable and you get only the best service! 
What Are The Benefits Of Boat Storage?
Boat storage has several great benefits for owners:
  • It free’s up space¬†
  • Ensure that your Boat is safe and secure¬†
  • Don’t worry about your Boat being damaged¬†
  • Keep your Boat well-running and in good condition¬†