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Looking for cheap self storage units in Brisbane? With Parking Deals Australiaā„¢ļø we show you all the best storage units situated throughout the city and surrounding suburbs. Whether you live in south or north Brisbane we partner with the best storage companies in both areas. Search your location on our self storage map here 

How do you find the right size storage unit for you needs?

Are you struggling to fine more space for you possessions? Maybe youā€™ve recently downsized or moved into a new smaller apartment with less room for your belongings or maybe a you have been having too much fun buying new clothes?  Whatever the case, finding the right storage space from one of our partners is an ideal solution for clearing the clutter and taking back your space! We work with so many different storage companies across Brisbane that offer serval storage sizes that are guaranteed to suit your space needs.  

Most Popular Storage Space Sizes

Storage Space Size: 7m3 (1.8m x 2.4m x 1.6m)

Generally, we say one storage unit is suitable for a small one bedroom or studio apartment. A two bedroom apartment will generally need two modules, a three bedroom house will generally need three modules and so on.

10m3 Storage Unit Size

Storage Space Size: 10m3 (1.8m x 2.4m x 2.55m)

10m3 is enough room for a 2 bedroom apartment, or a garage, you can use boxes to maximise your storage space in the module. There are plenty of other storage solution space sizes available if you scroll up you can find one of our storage deals and find the storage size to see how they compare. 

How long can you store your items with us?

Our storage units operated by our providers are super flexible for leasing. They can be leased for as little or as long as you like for super affordable pricing. Whether you need a temporary home for your couch or somewhere secure to keep your belongings for the foreseeable future, Parking Deals Australia Storage can provide the perfect storage solution. Our flexible month-to-month hire arrangements allow you store your goods for as long as you need ā€“ whether itā€™s for 1 month or 10 years.

Storage unit amenities

A key part to making up your mind on the right storage unit for you is the type of storage amenties you would like. There is a wide selection of amenities available but the most common are climate control, 24-hour access, drive-up access, first level access and storage units with electricity.

Climate controlled self storage units 

The last thing you want to be doing is storing your items for them to only get damaged by the cold or heat during storage. Climate controlled units keep your belongings cool and dry while protecting them against extreme hot and cold temperatures, as well as humidity in Australia. Humidity is of particular danger to organic materials found in furniture and clothing due to the possibility of mold. Most of our partners offer climate controlled options and if you don’t see the info on our site always feel free to ask. 

24-hour access storage feature

Some storage facilities allow 24-hour, 7 day-a-week access to their self units, this will allow you to access your things whenever necessary. As you might expect, this storage amenity will come at a higher price than basic units, but depending on your needs they may be well worth it. We will mention a certain storage facilities ability to offer 24/7 access. 

Note that there is a difference between unit access, which are the actual access hours youā€™re allowed to view your stuff, and facility access which is the time that the storage facility office is open. When selecting this amenity, make sure you choose the right one for your needs.

Drive-up access storage

Drive-up access storage units are super convenient as they are storage units that are located in a single-story building and are accessible from the outside, allowing you to drive you car right up to the from of your selected storage unit and load or unload your belongings directly in front of the storage unit. These are great for their simple access and have lower prices compared to indoor units, but they often lack the ability to add additional amenities such as climate control. If you are storing climate sensitive items then we would suggest to get an indoor climate controlled unit due to the Australian weather.

Alternatively, more modern facilities house all their units inside a single building, meaning you’ll have to enter the interior of a building and sometimes even go up an elevator to get to your unit. Though this makes moving in and out with large furniture more difficult, it offers an unbeatable layer of protection from theft and pests, and almost always features climate control.

Storage units with electricity

Storage with electricity just means that your storage unit will have electrical power points inside that you can use for what ever you like such as a computer. We often hear people ask ‘Are there electrical power points in the storage unit?’ and while some self-storage facilities do offer units with outlets, most do not. Having this amenity will allow you to plug into the facility’s power source but it will cost you extra. If this is a requirement, check with the facility to make sure the unit youā€™re getting has outlets included.

Some other special amenities you might encounter are security features such as 24-hour video surveillance, on-site property managers, or gated facilities with a keypad entry and online booking. You will be able to find all this information of the storage providers page.

How to get the best deals on storage in Brisbane 

We make storage cheaper in Brisbane as we use our consumer buying power plus you get peace of mind to see all the surrounding storage unit prices and options clearly on the single website. If you know you are going to be storing your items for quite a while that you mention that to the storage company as you can get a better deal for long term storage. At Parking Deals Australia we are always working with new storage companies and creating new deals to help customer save so if you keep checking our site you will find the latest deals!