About Care Park Brisbane 

Care Park is an Australian parking solution that offers people secure undercover parking options through various  parking locations in the Brisbane City.  They offer great parking prices for various parking  types to suit busy CBD workers, shoppers and general city visitors. Care park has eight Brisbane CBD locations, all of which are listed below:

Brisbane CBD Care Park Locations

  1. Festival Casino
    53 Charlotte Street, Brisbane
  2. Mercure Hotel, North Quay Brisbane
    Mercure Hotel, North Quay Brisbane
  3. 348 Edward St, Brisbane 
    348 Edward Street, Brisbane
  4. 344 Queen Street, Brisbane
    344 Queen Street, Brisbane
  5. 40 Tank Street 
    40 Tank Street, Brisbane
  6. Novotel Hotel, Brisbane
    Novotel Hotel, Brisbane
  7. 444 Queen St, Brisbane 
  8. 163 Wharf St, Brisbane 

Bowen Hills Care Park Locations

  1. 36 Edmonstone Street, Bowen Hills
    36 Edmonstone Street, Bowen Hill

Indooroopilly Care Park Location

10 Market St, Brisbane

Does Care Park Brisbane allow you to book parking online?

Yes, Care Park Brisbane does allow you to book your parking online at several different Brisbane CBD car park locations. To book you simply select your car park, input your times and you will be able to see the car park price and then book through the Care Park Booking portal.You can book your Care Park parking HERE 

What are the benefits of online booking with Care Park?

✔️No need for parking ticket 

✔️Secure your spot before you get to the car park

✔️Parking can often be cheaper, especiallywhen you use Parking Deals Australia to save 

✔️Seemless entry to the car park

✔️Easily find the best Care Park location in Brisbane for you and compare options 

What parking types does Care Park offer?

Care Park offers customers several different parking types to suit all types of parking needs such as work parking, shopping or event parking. You can view all parking types offered by Care Park Brisbane below:

✔️ Early Bird Parking 

Early Bird parking is often cheaper than daily parking but you must enter the car park early in the morning and exit after a specific time.

✔️ Daily Parking 

Care Park Brisbane offers a daily parking solution that allows you to enter after the early bird parking times and leave when you want for a fixed rate.

✔️ Evening Parking

Park in the city after 4pm for events or dinner, Care Park Brisbane allows evening/night parking at most of their locations making it convenient for you to park.

✔️ Weekend Parking

Parking on the weekend is often cheaper and very convienient for shopping or events on the weekend, Care Park has some locations close to the city so this is very easy for you to park quick and easy.

✔️ Monthly Parking

Monthly parking is a good parking solution for people who work in the city and Care Park Brisbane has some very good parking rates to make you parking cheap and easy.

Looking for parking and want to park with Care Park?

You can browse all Care Park Brisbane Parking Here 

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