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Parking Deals Australia is Australia’s #1 parking discount and deal platform. We work with all the big CBD parking companies across Australia to negotiate cheaper parking deals and rates for customers just like you!  Covering CBD parking in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth we offer a wide range of the latest parking deals up to 60% off. Our most popular city parking types are early bird parking, evening parking & weekend parking  When you book through Parkingdealsaustralia.com.au our customer support team are there 24/7 to assist you with your trip!
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Early Bird Parking

Early bird parking is great if you work in the city every day. It is significantly cheaper however you must park early in the morning and exit in the afternoon. Car parks offer great early bird parking deals that can be up to 60% off. We make it easy for you to find them.

Evening Parking

Evening parking is great for dinner or late-night out in the city. Evening parking deals are very cheap from $5 and are offered by most parking companies. Usually, you to park between 5 pm and 12 am to claim these great parking rates.

Weekend Parking

Spending your weekend in the city? Weekend parking is offered by parking companies when you park on Saturday and Sunday. We have great deals from $5 that can help you save big. These deals work great as they are usually flat rates for a 24 hour period.

Daily Parking

Daily parking is parking for just a couple hours in the city usually 3 hours+. Parking companies offer great deals for parking times like this. We have all the best daily CBD parking deals from $15 to help you save and make your parking easy.