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Types Of CBD Parking

Early Bird Parking

Early bird parking is great if you work in the city every day. It is significantly cheaper however you must park early in the morning and exit in the afternoon. Car parks offer great early bird parking deals that can be up to 60% off. We make it easy for you to find them.

Evening Parking

Evening parking is great for dinner or late-night out in the city. Evening parking deals are very cheap from $5 and are offered by most parking companies. Usually, you to park between 5 pm and 12 am to claim these great parking rates.

Weekend Parking

Spending your weekend in the city? Weekend parking is offered by parking companies when you park on Saturday and Sunday. We have great deals from $5 that can help you save big. These deals work great as they are usually flat rates for a 24 hour period.

Daily Parking

Daily parking is parking for just a couple hours in the city usually 3 hours+. Parking companies offer great deals for parking times like this. We have all the best daily CBD parking deals from $15 to help you save and make your parking easy.

Parking Deals Australia is Australia’s #1 parking discount and deal platform. We work with all the big CBD parking companies across Australia to negotiate cheaper parking deals and rates for customers just like you!  Covering CBD parking in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth we offer a wide range of the latest parking deals up to 60% off. Our most popular city parking types are early bird parking, evening parking & weekend parking  When you book through our customer support team are there 24/7 to assist you with your trip!
There are 3 simple tips to help you save on CBD parking that we have for you
1. Always make sure to pre-book your parking online. Pre-booking your parking online not only guarantees you a parking space for your trip but often you get the best price available compared to simply driving up to a car park and parking.  For example, drive up CBD parking rates can be over $100 a day and pre-booking the same car park can be $35. 
2. Look for great parking company coupon codes and deals. Parking Deals Australia regularly offers great parking coupons across all our city car parks up to 60% off our already cheap rates. Other car parks offer capped parking rates. You can save a lot of money by just using coupon codes. Coupons are usually based around parking times such as evening, weekend or early bird parking
3. Book your parking in advance. City car parks fill up and that means prices rise. If you book well in advance more than a month you will get the best prices plus lock in your parking space, don’t waste unnecessary parking money just because you didn’t book in advance. Saving cruise parking money is cool! 
CBD car parking is some of the most expensive parking in Australia with prices being upwards of $100 per day. All major cities have 3 or so major parking providers that you can book with such as Secure Parking, Wilson Parking and Care Park. 
When you need to park you have two options, to pre-book online before hand which is cheaper or to drive up which is more expensive. 
CBD parking is great if you work in the city and need a park close to work as there are plenty of locations that are close by to most parts of each major city. If you are just heading to the city for a few hours, car parks can cater to this parking type by featuring different discounts for time frames of the day. The way city parking works is that it is cheaper during low peak times such as evenings and weekends however during the dat it is really expensive. 
At the end of the day we always suggest that you do your research before parking and check us out out for the latest parking deals and discounts. 
At Parking Deals Australia we are the experts on helping you get the cheapest CBD parking across Brisbane, Sydney And Melbourne . We like to keep it simple so below you can see what each type of parking means:
Early Bird Parking 
Early bird parking is best for if you work in the city from 9pm -5pm. Car park providers offer special discounted rates raging from $10 – $40 per day that a super cheap compared to the daily rates. The only catch to early bird parking is that you have to enter and exit the space between specific times that the car park specifies otherwise you can be charged extra. 
Prices starting from just $10.00 per day.
Evening Parking 
Evening parking is considered parking after 5pm. CBD car parks tend to get less busy so it is cheaper to park after 5pm as car parks discount their rates, if you book online you can save even more money. Usually you can park for the fixed price from 5pm up until 12am which makes evening parking perfect for dinner or a night out in the city. 
As affordable as $5 per nights.
Weekend Parking 
Hence the name weekend parking is for parking booked on the weekend. As there is very few people wokring in the city on the weekend parking can be up to 60% off. Booking online saves you even more money and often you will have no worries booking parking for just $5 for the full day. Weekend parking is great for a day or night out in the city and usually there are plenty of parking spaces available. 
As affordable as $5 per day.
It’s our job to bring you the very best CBD parking deals, we put our years of experience and relationships in the parking industry to good use. 
Daily Deals
We launch new deals at some of your favourite parking providers almost every single day. You can sign up to our daily deals service to receive the deals direct to your inbox. 
Find the best deals
You can see all the best CBD parking deals by selecting your city above. Deals range from 5% – up to 60% off. When you find a deal that you like simply read the information and either click a book now or get a quote button to book. To apply the coupon you will have to enter it in the booking coupon section when checking out. 
Booking Online With Parking Deals Australia 
We work with over 40 parking providers to take bookings online and discount prices. When you book with Parking Deals Australia you are assured the best price*, great deals and awesome customer support over email, live chat and phone to make sure your parking experience is great. 
☎️Customer support via phone or live chat for all bookings
🔎We compare 100’s of parking companies 
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💻 No online booking fee’s 
We have so many awesome parking deals and providers across Australian cities  but we want to make it even easier for you by listing out our customer’s favourite parking providers:
Popular Australian Parking Providers 
– Secure Parking 
– Wilson Parking 
– Care Park 
– Cornerstone Parking