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Popular GC Airport Parking Companies

Ezy Parking

Ezy Parking is one of GC Airport’s longest operating airport parking companies. Offering indoor and outdoor parking at affordable rates is their speciality. Customers love their free shuttle services to and from the airport that make parking super easy!

GC Airport Parking

The official Gold Coast On-Site Airport parking provider. Gold Coast Airport Parking is the most convenient parking option for travellers and offer a wide range of parking products to suit all budgets.  

Aplha Airport Parking

Alpha Airport Parking Gold Coast is another off-site airport parking provider. Offering affordable rates just a stones throw to the airport. Enjoy free shuttle services to and from the airport and fantastic service.

Compare Gold Coast Airport Parking Prices

  • Includes shuttle drop off/pickup
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Days ParkedUndercoverOutdoors
9 $63$102
10 $122$68
11 $117$74
12 $123$78
13 $128$82
14 $133$84

  • Includes shuttle drop off/pickup
Days ParkedUndercoverOutdoors

Days ParkedBudget UncoveredBudget CoveredTerminal Long TermPremium Parking

Gold Coast Airport Car Park Deals

The Gold Coast Airport (OOL) services a wide variety of destinations right across the world. Compared to Brisbane Airport flights are a lot cheaper with budget airlines and less passengers. Regarding airport parking there are quite a few different parking options ranging from  convenient terminal parking to cheaper off-site airport parking providers. Parking Deals Australia is Australia’s #1 airport parking discounts platform. We are here to provide you with a quick and easy overview of the Gold Coast Airport Parking market as well as the latest deals and coupon codes to save you money! 
The on-site Gold Coast Airport has a couple of premium and budget options that are super convenient for travellers being right at the airport, however prices are significantly more expensive than off-site airport car parks. When it comes to off-site airport car parks these are companies located just a short drive away from the airport. They offer both indoor and outdoor parking just like the airport however all bookings include a free shuttle service to and from the airport to ensure you to the airport quickly and easily. 
Gold Coast Airport Parking FAQs

How much Is Gold Coast Airport Parking?

The on-site Gold Coast Airport car park has 4 car park options varying on price. Premium Parking, Terminal Parking, Budget Uncovered Parking and Budget Covered Parking. Depending on the parking provider and location, the cost will vary. In most cases, rates range from $25* for one day to $160* for 7 days. For comparison a 10 day stay at their expensive car park (Premium Parking) the cost is $330 where as their cheaper option (Budget Parking) is only $129!

Is there free parking at Gold Coast Airport?

The only free parking available is in the short term car park which is only free for the first 10 minutes. All airport parking longer than this costs money. However you can park your car on the street but we don’t suggest doing this as you can face fines, angry residents and damage to your car. All of which can be avoided by parking with one of the GC airport parking providers. 

How can I save on my Gold Coast Airport parking?

Ah yes our specialty, how can you save money on your Gold Coast Airport Parking? Off-airport parking companies such as Ezy Airport & Alpha Airport Parking offer much cheaper parking solutions compared to on-site airport parking options. Why is this? They are cheaper because their car parks are located a short distance from the airport and you will need to take a shuttle bus to and from the car park which is super easy but a little less convenient. 

How much is long term parking at Gold Coast Airport?

For a 10 Day Stay
Budget parking: $129 Outdoors, $170 Indoors 
Terminal Long Term: $199
Premium Parking: $330
Ezy Parking: $122 Indoors, $68 OuTdoors
Alpha Parking: $98 Indoors, $64 Outdoors
Cheapest Option: Alpha Parking 
Our Most Popular: Ezy Parking 
How Long can I park my car for?
You can park your car with any of the mentioned GC airport car parks for as long as you desire. The prices get cheaper the longer you stay for. If you are parking for longer than a week we suggest using long term parking or off-site airport parking companies