Airport Parking At the Gold Coast and How to Plan your trip

The Gold Coast is one of Queensland’s gems, glorious sunny days, beautiful White Sandy Beaches and endless fun. Every single year millions of people travel to the Gold Coast to soak up the sun and surf from all around the world and Australia. Not only do people travel to the Gold Coast for fun but also because the Gold Coast is home to Queensland second most popular airports. The airport at the Gold Coast is popular among tourists coming into Australia and Australians leaving for domestic and international trips around the world.

Getting there

For many travellers leaving from the Gold Coast getting to the airport can be a bit difficult if you were travelling from any major city around Brisbane. You can, of course, drive only a short hour along the highway, catch the Airtrain directly from the Brisbane city to the airport or catch a transfer bus and sit back and relax. If you’re driving to the airport you will have to park your car, so the team is here to make your airport parking experience at the Gold Coast very easy and highly affordable.

What are your options for parking at the airport?

Parking at the Gold Coast has several different options, popular among travellers it is parking at offsite airport parking providers such as Reddy airport parking or easy airport parking which is the two most popular companies. Both companies have been around for several years and pride themselves on quality service and convenience. If you’re after a more premium option there are also car parks at the airport itself.

How do you get parked

Parking at an offsite provider is super easy and literally only takes 3 steps. All providers allow you to book online but a hot tip from parking deals Australia is before you book online quickly check parking deals Australia’s Gold Coast Airport parking section and you’ll be able to get access to some great parking discounts they can save you up to 10% off your total booking. All our latest deals and coupons are featured below so you can quickly get the code and book online.

Should I book my parking online or should I just arrive?

We would highly recommend that you book your airport parking at the Gold Coast online as not only will you get access to some great deals and coupons to help you save by your also guarantee your parking space. Sure you can still drive up to the car park but there’s a chance of the car park might be full and you will have to pay more expensive drive up rates. If you are running late and you’re desperate for a park we would suggest that you just drive up. All parking companies were me to assist you with your booking and get you to the airport on time.

Is my car safe at the airport?

Also parking providers have security cameras in place as well as fenced off areas for your car to ensure that while you’re away you can have the peace of mind of your car is well looked after. Some car parks even go the extra mile offering car washes and car servicing while you’re away so you can come back to a healthy car that runs very well.

What’s the difference between outdoor and undercover Airport parking?

Undercover Parking is always a little bit more expensive than outdoor parking as there is limitted space in undercover car parks as your car will be fully secure undercover and out of harm’s way if there is a weather event. On the other hand, outdoor parking is parking that is outside with no roof protection, do some car parks do offer shade cover which can prevent damages from hail and other weather events. If you’re going for a long time triple we would suggest that you book Undercover Parking however short term stays outdoor parking should be ok but just always check the weather before you book.

Gold Cost Parking Airport Deals 

Here are some tips from the parking gives Australia team to make your parking at Brisbane Airport cheap easy and highly convenient for your trip.

Tip 1 – arrive to your specific parking complex at least 15 minutes before you would like to arrive at the airport as some of the shuttle buses Take 5 to 10 minutes to get to the airport. This time allows you to check in it’s your booking receipt.

Tip 2 – make sure before you book your parking you have a look around for great deals and discount, as you may be aware parking deals Australia has all the best parking deals and discounts online ready to go. We have multiple car parks that you can compare around Brisbane airport and book online so you know you get the best price

Tip 3 – make sure you pre-book your, when you pre-book your we guarantee but you have a parking space to arrive at. During busy seasons thousands of people travel and choose to park every single week and it is not uncommon for car parks to book out leaving only premium expensive car park spaces which can end up costing you a lot. Pre-booking are you a lot of money and frustration. Please note that we always suggest that you have your booking receipt ready to go when you arrive at the car park as it makes checking in a lot quicker. This goes the same so when checking in at the terminal for your flight.

We hope you have a good trip away and have a great parking experience at Brisbane Airport!

The Airport has numerous valuable and advantageous offices set up to assist make your voyage a smooth one. The wide choice of shops and restaurants on offer at GC is certain to keep you sustained, watered and involved, while ATM machines, candy machines, charging stations, showers and smoking zones help towards a peaceful travel understanding.

Options at GCE include:

Parking Options on-site at the airport
  • Long-term parking
  • Budget parking options
  • Domestic parking
  • International parking
  • Pick-up and drop-off zones
  • Valet parking service
  • Transfers
  • Short-term parking
  • There are several Information help desks located throughout the domestic and international terminals. 
Shopping Options 

High-street brands
Newspapers and magazines
Convenience food
Duty free
Designer goods
Footwear and sports fashion
Electronic travel gadgets
Travel clothing and accessories
Health and beauty

What food options are offered

Fast food
World food
Gourmet restaurants
Coffee shops

Other available facilities 

Baby-change facilities
Currency exchange
Executive lounges
Children’s play area

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“The Gold Coast is a metropolitan region south of Brisbane on Australia’s east coast. It’s famed for its long sandy beaches, surfing spots and elaborate system of inland canals and waterways. It’s also home to theme parks such as Dreamworld, Sea World and Wet’n’Wild. Inland, hiking trails crisscross Lamington National Park’s mountain ridges and valleys, home to rare birds and rainforest” –Google