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You can make over $4,000 a year from leasing your storage space to people who want it on Parking Deals Australia. We do the hard work for FREE*and you get paid every month! 

Monthly service commission of 20% of total sale value once rented*

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Cost’s $0 and takes less than 60 seconds to fill out storage space details 

We Do The Work

Our team lists your space on our site and confirms once the space is live 

You Earn Money

We drive demand to your storage space and make you money!

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Once space is submitted our team will give you a call to assist with any questions and get space live 

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Why List With Us?

It's 100% FREE

It takes 60 seconds to list your space with Parking Deals Australia. We require no up-front payments or accounts like other sites

Earn Money Within 24 Hours

Once your space is sold on our site and the storage customer is set up you can get paid within 24 hours on signing up!

We Do The Hard Work

Don't stress about selling your space. Our team does the hard work to list your space on out site and find customers who want your space

We Manage Your Space

With us there is no need to deal with customer issues. Our professional team deals with your customers and manages your storage space

We Don't Wait For Customers

Travellers Begin With A Search Engine

That’s why we don’t wait for our customers to come to us, but actively promote your storage on search engines all across Australia.

You're lucky, we've done the hard work for you.

We have a huge distribution network of companies wanting to promote your space. We are your gateway to more than 10m+ customers per month not to forget EDM’s to around 500k people.

Brand awareness gets more bookings which equals more revenue

We strive for our brand to rank high in searches, be in prominent media outlets and in front of the customer. This means your brand grows with us and means more customers.

Pricing and commission

Our pricing structure is simple. We don’t add anything on top so that you can price your car park competitively and receive more bookings. We will often give back part commissions to customers to keep them happy.
 Commission: 20% Per Monthly Payment
  • ✅ Pay on booking success model 
  • ✅ 24/7 support by phone or email with real people
  • ✅ Instant demand and distribution 
  • ✅ We manage your storage space 
  • ✅ Zero up front cost