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In Melbourne Parking Deals Australia covers all CBD  parking types such as early bird parking, evening parking and weekend parking. We work with all the big parking companies to provide you with the very best deals, discounts and coupons. If you want parking deals in a specific area feel free to contact our team and we will make it happen!

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Melbourne Parking Information 

Looking to parking in the Melbourne CBD? You have come to the right place with all the best parking deals, discounts and tips to make your next parking experience cheaper and better!

About Melbourne CBD Parking & How To Save On Your Parking

Have you ever tried to find parking in the Melbourne CBD? Chances that you have found it hard to find the best parking at the best price. It is no secret that parking in the Melbourne CBD is very expensive and can be very frustrating at times. With so many options you can often be overwhelming when booking parking. There are a few things that come into perspective when trying to book parking, the first is how cheap the parking is, the location of the car park and how safe your car will be so you can have the peace of mind that your car is safe and not going to get damaged.

Main car park operators in Melbourne

Two main car park operators in the Melbourne CBD Wilson Parking and Secure Parking, both companies have a lot of car parks in the Melbourne CBD and offer a lot of different types of parking such as early bird parking, daily parking, evening parking, weekend parking and monthly parking. daily parking the most commonly used type of parking as it is great for not only CBD workers but also CBD shoppers and people who just want a day out in the city. Even though a lot of people need Melbourne daily parking it can be very expensive out times up to nearly $100 per day but no need to stress as we have a few solutions to find cheap Melbourne CBD parking and make your next parking experience a little bit cheaper.

How to get cheaper parking

The first step, of course, is to look at Parking Deals Australia and browse the daily parking deals we have when CBD as we often have some deals that can save you a lot of money, some of the deals are coupon codes and others are just daily flat rates which can save you a lot of money. Another tip is to book online when parking with companies like Wilson Parking and Secure Parking, both platforms have their own online booking system such as “secure a spot” for secure parking and book a bay for Wilson Parking. Online parking is not only cheaper than just driving up to any car park but it also guarantees you a spot so you can just turn up at the car park not have to stress about finding a car park spot or having to look for one. You can browse the car parks locations, view the car park rates and compare the car parks. When booking a car park it only takes a few clicks and if you take the time to look at Parking deals Australia you can often find a parking coupon that can save you money by just entering the coupon in the checkout and then you’ll be on your way to the car park extra money in your pocket.

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