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Lease Your Parking Spot For Cash!

You can make over $4,000 a year from leasing your parking space to people who want it on Parking Deals Australia. We do the hard work for FREE and you get paid every month! 
Sell Your Parking Spot!
Sell Your Parking Spot!

Lease Your Parking Spot For Cash!

You can make over $4,000 a year from leasing your parking space to people who want it on Parking Deals Australia. We do the hard work for FREE and you get paid every month! 

Park Cheaper

We negotiate deals with all the big parking providers so you don't have to. You get all the best monthly parking deals in the one site so you can find the best one without searching

Save Time

Stop searching for parking we have all the best monthly parks in the one place. You can simply search, compare and book your parking spot in under 5 minutes

Peice Of Mind

Know that you paid the best price for your parking and always have a place to park to avoid high fee's and parking fines for street parking

Why Monthly Parking Is Great

24/7 access entry/exit

Monthly parking is great because you can park at the same car park 24/7 and entry and exit the car park at anytime you desire. Unlike normal parking you don't have to take any car park tickets or pay upon exit.

Fixed monthly price

If you park more than 3 times a week then monthly parking is for you! Pay just one fixed price per month for parking instead of daily rates. You pick the car park and then park there. We have plenty of great monthly parking deals.

Unlimited parking

Park as much or as little as you need. When you pay for a monthly space you get unlimited guaranteed parking which is super convenient and easy. Browse our monthly parking deals now...

Parking Deals Australia is Australia’s #1 parking discount and deal platform. We work with all the big and small CBD parking companies across Australia to negotiate cheaper parking deals and rates for customers just like you!  Covering monthly parking in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide we offer a wide range of the latest monthly parking deals up to 60% off. When you book through our customer support team are there 24/7 to assist you with your trip!

Over 500,000 Happy Parking Customers Every Year!

At Parking Deals Australia we are the experts on helping you get the cheapest and best suited monthly parking across Australia. We like to keep it simple so below you can see what each type of monthly parking means:

Un-reserved Monthly Parking

Just like a normal park and go car park, you don’t have a designated parking space with your name on it and so you just park wherever you like. Un-reserved parking is exactly the same as that. You will have a parking access card in a car park that you are paying a monthly fee for and you can enter and exit at any time but you can park in any space you like not a specific one. 

As pricing goes Park & Ride parking is usually the most cost-effective option and still is very convenient. 

Un-reserved parking Prices start from just $40.00 Per Month

Reserved Monthly Parking 

To have your name on a parking space…Isn’t that the dream? Well with reserved monthly parking offered by Parking Deals Australia you can bring your dreams to reality. We offer affordable reserved monthly parking that allows you to enter and exit a car park space at any time and as many times as you like however un-like un-reserved parking you will have your very own parking spot that only you can park in. This takes the hassle out of trying to find a parking space. Reserved parking will be more expensive however it is still very affordable. 

From as little as $150 per month.

Tandem Monthly Parking 
Say you and a co-worker both want to park but you want the cheapest parking spot, what can you do to save money? Don’t worry we have the answer and it’s called Tandem Parking. Tandem Parking is two parking spaces stacked together that fits 2 cars so you and a co-worker can share a parking space. Tandem parking is super cheap as it does take a little bit of planning but it is really not that hard. Find all the best monthly tandem parking deals on Parking Deals Australia. 

As affordable as $100 per month

It’s our job to bring you the very best monthly Parking deals, we put our years of experience and relationships in the parking industry to good use. 

Daily Deals

We launch new deals at some of your favourite parking providers almost every single day. You can sign up to our daily deals service to receive the deals direct to your inbox. 

Find the best deals

You can see all the best monthly parking deals by selecting your city above. Deals range from 5% – up to 60% off. When you find a deal that you like simply read the information and either click a book now or get a quote button to book. To apply the coupon you will have to enter it in the booking coupon section when checking out. 

Booking Online With Parking Deals Australia 

We work with over 40 parking providers to take bookings online and discount prices. When you book with Parking Deals Australia you are assured the best price*, great deals and awesome customer support over email, live chat and phone to make sure your parking experience is great. 

We have so many awesome monthly parking deals and providers across Australian cities but we want to make it even easier for you by listing out our customer’s favourite monthly parking providers at each city. 

  • Parkhound 
  • Cornerstone Parking 
  • Parkable 
  • Care Park 
  • Parking Deals Australia 
  • Wilson Parking 
  • Parkhound
Gold Coast
  • Parkable 
  • Care Park 
  • Parkhound 
  • Parking Deals Australia 
  • K Park
  • Parkhound 
Customer service is our number one priority, you can read all our reviews on trust pilot HERE 


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