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Newcastle Airport Parking: Cheap Parking Options, Airport Deals And Information

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Newcastle Airport (NTL) is one of New South Wales most popular airports besides the International and Domestic terminals of Sydney Airport. Seeing more than 1 million people travel through the airport to reach both international and domestic destinations the airport is a vital connector for New South Wales. Getting to Newcastle Airport is not too difficult as there are limitted traffic conditions, unlike the Sydney Airport which is notorious for bad traffic. So what parking options are offered at the airport?

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Short Term Parking for drop and run 

If you are driving your friends or family to the airport and just want to park for 30 mins or an hour to say goodbye, Newcastle Airport offers a short term parking option called “Short Term” which is pretty cheap and right by the airport so it is easy to walk. You can still book this car park online before you get to the airport with the online booking calculator. Pricing for short term parking ranges from $5 for an hour to $35 for 24 hours. We would suggest not to park here for the long term while you are away as the daily pricing is $35 and there are cheaper longterm options. Please see all short term parking rates below.

Up to 60 minutes$5.00
1 – 2 hours$10.00
2 – 4 hours$15.00
4 – 5 hours$20.00
5 – 24 hours$35.00
2 days$70
3 days$100
4 days$130

You can book your short term parking online HERE 

All Car Park Locations

Newcastle Airport Parking Map

Best Parking Option For A 1-2 Week Trip Away

If you are travelling out of Newcastle Airport for just a week or two sometimes it can be confusing which parking option is the best not only for service but also for your wallet. If you are after a more premium parking experience we suggest Newcastle airports “Premium Parking” option which is just 200m from the terminal, fully undercover and secure. You can also book this car park online for the days that you are away and get a quote online so you know how much you are going to pay. Now the premium option is the most expensive long term parking option however it is the most secure and convenient parking option for a medium-term trip away. Please see the booking rates below:

1 day$40.00
2 days$80.00
3 days$120.00
4 days$160.00
5 days$200.00
6 days$240.00
7 days$280.00
8 days$320.00
9 days$360.00
10 days$400.00
11 days$440.00
12 days$480.00
13 days$520.00
14 days$560.00

You can book your premium parking online HERE 

The best parking option for long term trips more than 2 weeks 

If you are going away for a while or basically anything over two weeks, airport parking can be very expensive due to the number of days you are parking for however, the Newcastle airport has a great parking option for travellers like this. Their “Long Stay” parking option is the cheapest parking option but also very convenient as it is a 7-minute walk to the airport but there is a FREE shuttle bus provided when you arrive at the car park and need to get back there from your trip. There is no undercover parking option at the long stay option so you may be affected by weather conditions. Please see all parking prices below:

Newcastle Airport Long Stay Saver Car Parking fees (all charges are inclusive of GST):

Up to 1 hour$2.50
1 – 2 hours$5.00
2 – 3 hours$7.00
3 – 24 hours$17.00
2 days$40.00
3 days$60.00
4 days$70.00
5 days$80.00
6 days$90.00
7 days$100.00
8 days$110.00
9 days$115.00
10 days$120.00
11 days$125.00
12 days$130.00
13 days$135.00
14 days$140.00

Each additional day is $10.00

You can book your long stay saver parking and shuttle bus online HERE

Parking Offers

Premium Parking

  • Daily Fixed Rate
  • Undercover parking
  • 1 min walk to the airport

Short Stay Parking 

  • Daily Fixed Rate
  • Outdoor Parking
  • 1 min walk to the airport

Long Stay Parking 

  • Daily Fixed Rate
  • Outdoor Parking
  • 5 Min Walk to the airport

Long Stay Saver Parking 

  • Daily Fixed Rate
  • Outdoor Parking
  • 7-min walk,  Free shuttle bus to the airport

What are the different costs for parking?

Parking TypeDaily Rate3 Days5 Days1 Week
Premium Parking$40$120$200$280
Short Stay Parking$35$105$175$245
Long Stay Parking$25$75$125$175
Long Stay Saver Parking$17$51$85$119

You can book your airport parking online 

Parking Payment Options

  1. Cash 
  2. Card 
  3. Online Booking 

New Castle Airport Parking Location 

  • 1 Williamtown Drive Williamtown NSW 2318 Australia

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