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Royal North Shore Hospital Parking

Are you heading to the Royal North Shore Hospital and looking for cheap parking? Parking Deals Australia has all the best parking options in the one place for you to make your parking cheaper and easier. At the Royal North Shore Hospital there are limitted parking options being only Wilson Parking and the on-site hospital parking.

Disclaimer: We don’t operate this car park, we only provide information. Any questions please contact the car park support. Prices may change. last updated 2020

Browse Your Hospital Parking Options Below: 

Concession Rates For the period 1 July 2019 – 30 June 2020 (RATES MAY CHANGE)
  • 0 – 3 hours FREE 3 plus hours $5.60 -one exit only per 24 hours
  • 3 day ticket $11.30- frequent use allowing multiple entries and exits in a 3 day period
  • 7 day ticket $22.60- frequentuseallowingmultiple entries and exits in a 7 day period

How do you claim your concession rate?

Eligible patients, their carers, and holders of concession cards are required to present their parking ticket, photo identification, concession card and request for concessional rates at one of the following hospital locations prior to exiting the car park:

  • Wilson Car Parking office located in the multi storey car park (P2) opposite main entrance of RNSH. Hours are Monday to Sunday 6am to 10pm.
  • Patient enquiries counter located in the ASB main foyer. Hours are Monday to Friday 6am to 8pm, Saturday to Sunday 7.30am to 8pm.
  • Cancer Care Centre – Cancer Care Patients and Carers Only Located on Level 1 ASB RNSH.
  •  Emergency Department (ED) – For patients of ED only and after hours validation, Monday to Sunday from 10pm to 6am

Patient and visitor parking is available in the multi-storey car park, which is owned and operated by Wilson Parking. Parking fees are displayed at all entrances to the car park.

Payment can be made

  • at the ticket machine located on the ground floor of the multi-storey car park prior to leaving
  • or at the boom gate with a credit card only

Concession, daily and weekly passes are available for purchase at the Parking Office located in the P2 multi-story car park. The Parking Office also has information about long-term parking costs and conditions.

Casual Parking Rates: Wilson Car Park 
0.0 – 0.25 hr
0.25 – 1.0 hr
1.0 – 2.0 hrs
2.0 – 3.0 hrs
3.0 – 4.0 hrs
4.0 – 5.0 hrs
5.0 – 6.0 hrs
6.0 + hrs

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Car Park Location: Reserve Road, St Leonards

Happy Parking From The Parking Deals Australia Team!

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