Parking Deals Australia is proudly part of the Parkhound family – ABN: 96 602 017 210 – Level 3, 55 Pyrmont Bridge Rd, Pyrmont NSW 2009
Parking Deals Australia Refund Policy – Applies to bookings made after 11/02/22
Cancellation Made Within
Refund Policy
6 days prior to car park entry date
Not refundable 
7-15 Days Prior car park entry date
50% of total purchase ex booking fee amount can be refunded
16-24 Days Prior to car park entry date
75% of total purchase ex booking fee amount can be refunded
25 or more Days Prior to car park entry date
80% of total purchase ex booking fee amount can be refunded
  1. Bookings deposits are not refundable
  2. To request a refund you must submit the form below or respond to your booking confirmation to cancel or call our customer support 
  3. If you don’t let Parking Deals Australia know in writing of a refund you may not receive a refund.
  4. Please note that refunds may take 5-10 business days to show up in an account.
  5. Refunds will not be given if you enter the car park and park.
  6. Service fee’s are not refundable 
Monthly Parking Subscriptions 
Cancellation: Your parking will renew each month, to cancel please let us know you would like to cancel the parking before the month renews via email [email protected]
Submit a refund Request Now 
For Example #47543
Add a bit of information for our customer support team
Price Drop Protection (Only if available for purchase)
  1. If you book parking and we lower our prices you will be refunded the difference.
  2. This excludes if the price is cheaper with the use of a coupon code.
  3. Price drop cash back is only valid up until 24 hours before you enter the car park.
  4. You get your cash back when you let us know of the price drop.
Refund Protection (Only if available for purchase)
  • If you purchased refund protection in addition to your booking, your booking is fully refundable up until your check-in date 
  • To claim a refund, just let Parking Deals Australia know
Service Fee’s
  • Parking Deals Australia Service fee’s are not refundable 
  • Service fee’s are a % off the total booking amount 
  • Services fee’s are charged for all online bookings 
  • Service fee’s support our Aussie customer support team and is a part of Parking Deals Australia’s business model 
Extra Charges
  1. Car parks can offer extra charges if vehicle is over size limit. It is up to the car park to enforce this however Parking Deals Australia will mention this in car park information.
Parking Deals Australia Online Booking Terms & Conditions
  • These terms and conditions are in relation to Airport, Cruise & Daily Parking Booked with Parking Deals Australia
Car Park Ownership 
If you overstay your parking you will be charged accordingly per calendar day.
  1. Upon access to the car park, you must follow the entry steps and park in parking type you booked.
  2. To ensure your access to the car park you must take your booking receipt to the car park reception.
  3. Please note that Parking Deals Australia does not own the car park or manage the car park. We are just an online booking portal for the car park and take a commission per booking as it is passed onto the company.
  4. Once you leave the Parking Deals Australia site, you are still our customer if you have booked parking and we will maintain our high standard of customer service to make your trip great, however, we are not responsible for the condition of the car park or your experience inside the car park.
  5. We are not liable for any damages to your vehicle or personal injury to the occupants of the vehicle. In the case of such an event, the car park owner is liable.
  6. We are not liable for any stolen goods for your car.
  7. You enter the car park at your own risk.
  8. You must adhere to the car parks T’s & C’s upon entry.
  9. We are not liable for any extra charges such as missed flights.
Shuttle Services (If offered)
  1. It is up to you to allow adequate time for entry to the car park to catch the shuttle bus.
  2. The car park will not be liable for you missing your flight due to your late arrival time.
  3. When you arrive back your must call the car park to request a shuttle
Customer Privacy 
    1. All online bookings are managed by Stripe payments and no credit card information is stored on Parking Deals Australia or shared with any third parties
    2. Your information will be shared with the car park owner and reception for check-in. You acknowledge this when inputting details.
    3. Upon payment, you agree to all car park and booking T’s & C’s
    4. Learn how we use your data and information in our Privacy Policy. 
Terms And Condition Of Space Owner Renting Agreement With Parking Deals Australia 
  • These terms and conditions are in relation to renting out a storage or parking spaces with Parking Deals Australia.
When listing space or booking space any you tick to “agree to all terms and conditions” you agree to uphold the following 
General Conditions 
  1. Purpose of the site: Parking Deals Australia’s platform allows renters and hosts to connect and book available space. Parking Deals Australia is the manager for both parties to transact. Parking Deals Australia does not own any parking or land spaces.
  2. We reserve the right to disable access to any space listing on our site
  3. Parking Deals Australia serves as the booking platform for parking or space deals. Once the renter books a space through the site you the renter will be emailed all details regarding their booking and then the space owner will organize for the renter to get rent space or park. Unless specified Parking Deals Australia will facilitate payments.
Parking Deals Australia Service Fee
  • 20% Off Total Sale Amount inc GST (Unless specified otherwise)
  • Payment fees are covered within service fee
  • Payments processed securely through Stripe
Cancelation Policy
  • To Cancel Parking Or Storage Space simply contact our customer support (email provided once booked)
  • If you are renting with a 3rd party provider and Parking Deals Australia is not taking payments please cancel your storage with the provider
  • All rental agreements (unless specified otherwise) are on a 30-day cancelation notice period
  • If you do not let Parking Deals Australia or the responsible party of cancelation in writing your space will not be canceled
Car Park or Space Rental Contract 
  • 30 day (Month to month) contract (unless specified otherwise)
Renter Of Space Responsibility 
  • The Renter is responsible for all damage to the storage space that would be caused by the objects stored or by any negligent act or omission of the Renter and agrees to pay reasonable compensation if the space is damaged. In the event of this, the resolution must be sorted out between the owner and renter. Parking Deals Australia will not be responsible.
  • If the renter’s payments decline and the space bill is overdue. Access to space will be revoked and the funds will be sold to a collection agency.
  • Your parking space or space rental agreement can be canceled with notice at anytime
  • You can cancel your rental at any time with the specified notice when you booked the space (Minimum 30 days notice)
  • Renter agrees to be directly debited every month (30 Days) from the start date (Unless specified otherwise)
  • It is your responsibility to keep your storage or parking space clean and not store Toxic, polluted or contaminated goods; firearms, munitions, weapons or explosives; radioactive materials; highly flammable or hazardous goods; living plants or animals; food or perishable goods (unless frozen food to be stored in a deep freezer); anything damp, mouldy, rotten or infested with or damaged by parasites; any item which emits any fumes or strong odour; cash and securities; illegal goods; waste
  • Parking Deals Australia will not provide insurance or compensation for any items or vehicles stored with one of our space owners. You are using a space owners space at your own risk
Space Owner Responsibility
  • The owner of the space agree’s to always allow Parking Deals Australia to transact space payments and to not insist, ask or insinuate to the renter that they cancel billing with us and pay directly to the owner in any payment form
  • As long as space is under contract without cancelation from the client you must allow the space to be available
  • It is up to the space owner to keep Parking Deals Australia updated with service offerings as well as to maintain the services promoted
  • The Renter will comply with the access and security arrangements in the Contract or as otherwise agreed, and keep safe any keys or other items used to access the Space.
  • If the space become unavailable it is up to the owner to notify Parking Deals Australia to cancel rental agreement. You must give a minimum of 30 days notice to cancel space.
  • You must provide Parking Deals Australia with payment details for space payments
  •  To create a space isting, the owner must describe the space, along with any conditions of storage they wish to apply, on the listing page of the Website
  • You allow Parking Deals Australia to list your car parking space or storage space plus all provided information associated on our site for customers to view
  • Parking Deals Australia will not provide insurance or compensation for any space you list with us. You are listing your space at your own risk
  • Space Owner Taxes:
  • You understand and agree that you are solely responsible for determining your applicable tax reporting requirements in consultation with your tax advisors.
  • The GST collected by Parking Deals Australia is only on the service fee and does not cover the owners earnings. Owners are responsible for managing their own tax obligations.
  •  You understand and agree that you are solely responsible for paying any parking or congestion levies. Spacer suggests that it is best to consult your local authority
By listing your space you agree
  • You are either the owner or manager of a space
  • You are allowed to lease out your space. Will not breach any agreements you have entered into with any third parties and (ii) will (a) be in compliance with all applicable laws, tax requirements, and rules and regulations that may apply to any Space included in a Listing you post, including, but not limited to, zoning laws and laws governing rentals of residential and other properties and (b) not conflict with the rights of third parties.
  • Your space and details provided are legitimate and correct
  • Your space is in a good condition and available for rent unless specified otherwise
  • If your space becomes unavailable for any reason, you agree to remove or suspend the Listing as soon as reasonably practicable
Limitations and Indemnity
  • Parking Deals Australia does not manage/own any parking or storage spaces
  • Parking Deals Australia provides the Website and its Services on an ‘as is’ and ‘as available’ basis.
  • All Contracts between Users are carried out entirely at your own risk
  • The Company gives no warranties, conditions, guarantees or representations in relation to the Website or Services:
    • a. as to the completeness or accuracy of any advice and information contained on or sent or received from the Website or any website to which it is linked;
    • b. of any particular result or outcome of using the Website or Services, or that either will meet your requirements; or
    • c. that the Website or Services, and content on the Website or the server that makes it available are error- or virus-free or free of other harmful components or that your use of the Site will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error-free.
  • All Contracts between Users are carried out entirely at your own risk. The Company excludes to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law all liability for any claims, demands, damages, losses, costs and expenses, arising out of or in any way connected with any other arrangements that User(s) may have made in connection with this Website, or the User’s use of the Website. You rely on information provided by other Users at your own risk. The Company does not, control, inspect, endorse, approve or check the availability, condition or nature of advertised space or the accuracy, currency, truth or completeness of the information provided by Users of the Website and it is your responsibility to do this and to take any other necessary precautions before arranging or carrying out a Contract.
  • You agree to indemnify the Company from and against any claims, liabilities, damages, losses, and expenses, including, without limitation, reasonable legal and accounting fees, arising directly or indirectly from your breach of any of your obligations under these Terms and Conditions.
Privacy Policy
  • All users agree to our general privacy policy that can be found on our site
  • Confidential Information expressly includes contact details of each User, address for storage of goods, and information about any goods in storage and does not include any information already in the public domain, or independently known to the User.