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We make washing your car easy, simple and convenient

We get it, you are busy! Who has 1-2 hours to clean their car or drive to a car wash? Well, no need to worry as Parking Deals Australia offers you a great solution to clean your car. Park Wash is our on-demand car washing service in the Brisbane CBD. We come to you and wash your car while it is parked in a car park. All our cleans are waterless (so no mess), cost-effective and high quality! Best of all we work around you to make it as convenient as possible. 

Simply book your wash online either before or after getting a great parking deal! All our deals will tell you if our Park Wash Service is available at your chosen car park. So what are you waiting for? Book your wash below, park and come back to a sparkly clean car.

How We Work

1. Book Your Wash

Book your Park Wash online below and we will get all the details to find and wash while your car is parked.

2. Park Your Car

Book your parking at one of the car parks listed below p.s We have some great deals for all our Park Wash customers!

3. Car Is Washed

Happy days! You now have a clean car to enjoy all while you were parked for an affordable price!

Book A Clean (Brisbane Only)

All our washes are 100% waterless & use microfibre cloth technology

Premium Exterior Clean

All Car Sizes & Types Flat Rate
$ 29
  • Exterior wash
  • All Windows Wash
  • Tyre Scrub and Clean
  • Wipe Down Finish
  • Waterless Washing (no mess)

Book Your Clean Over The Phone
Call: (07) 31029792

Our Top Tips For Keeping Your Car Clean

Tip 1: Regularly hose down your car after long drives  

When you drive your car every day there’s plenty of dirt, on road pollution and grime that builds up on the surface panels, in your wheels and fenders all throughout your car. There is no immediate danger of this being on your car other than that just looking dirty. However the long do you leave all this build up on your car the harder what is to remove it. In some cases, this can not only scratch but can also damage the paint. So after you drive for a long time and see this dirt build simply just grab a hose some car washing liquid and a sponge to give you a car just a simple wipe down. This will ensure that your car still looks great for a long time.

Tip 2: Clean offer any immediate stains from the car panels or interior 

Cars can also get pretty dirty on the inside interior, whether you’ve dropped something while trying to eat or drink in the car or you’ve got an exterior stain on your clothes that has gone on the seat. All which can family damage the interior coverings of your car cost you thousands of dollars. If this does occur just that you clean the stain off what’s the wet sponge all interior cleaning liquid as this will remove the stain and ensure the long jeopardy popular interior. This is also the same for bird droppings on the exterior of your car as they can Harden and scratch the paint.

A great how-to guide on cleaning your car 

Tip 3: Buy exterior wax to keep your car looking clean for years

Overtime driving your car on the road and if been exposed to the natural elements of the Brisbane weather your car’s paint will start to chip, fracture with stretch marks and in some cases fade. This will not only wreck the resale value of your car dramatically but it also just doesn’t look good. To avoid this frustration we suggest that you buy a high-quality car wax and applied on your car every month or so. This will keep the cars paint looking fresh and protected from the natural elements of everyday driving.

Learn more about car wax here 

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