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Perth Airport Parking Deals, Parking Information & How To Save!

Perth is one of Australia’s most popular tourist destinations and is Western Australia’s capital city. Linking Perth to the world is Perth Airport, millions of people travel in and out of the airport every single year many people choose to drive and park around or at the airport and so parking prices can not only be very expensive but it can often be a stressful experience to find the best parking for your trip. Wasting money on parking after you’ve booked your travel tickets and hotels with the last thing any trouble wants to do. Thanks to the Parking Deals Australia team we put together all the best Perth Airport Parking options as well as tips and tricks to save next time your parking at Perth Airport.

About Perth Airport Parking & How To Save 

Parking at Perth Airport can be very pricey in fact for just a 2 weeks stay prices can reach upwards of nearly $500 depending on where you park. So what can you do to save money on your parking? Our number one tip for saving money on your Perth Airport Parking would be to compare prices and book your parking online. Not only do get a great overview of the parking market around the airport but when you book online you can access significant discounts for just booking online as well as claiming great parking deals that you can find with us on top of your booking. You can save up to 40% on your Perth Airport Parking depending on which parking company that you use, you can view all our parking deals HERE

Airport Parking Operators In Perth 

Perth has the least amount of airport parking providers out of all major cities in Australia, the reason for this is because the airport is spread out and often people choose other forms of Transport such as taxis or public transport. However, the main airport parking provider is Perth Airport Parking itself as it is the closest parking complex to the airport and offers a range of short-term and long-term parking. Other parking complexes that surround the Perth Airport are Airport  Parking 4 Less and Car Port & Spa Airport Parking which both offer discounted parking.

Where to park at Melbourne Airport?

When parking at Perth Airport there are many different parking options but the two main ones are On-site Airport Parking or Off-site Airport Parking. There are several different off-site parking companies however there is only one on-site parking complex and that is the Perth Airport Parking itself.

Benefits of off-site Perth airport parking

✅ Cheaper than onsite parking

✅ Free shuttle bus to the airport

✅ Your car is secure

✅ Flexible parking hours and easy to book

✅ Can get great deals or discounts on Parking Deals Australia

Benefits of on-site Perth airport parking

✅ Walk to the airport

✅ Very convenient

✅ Can get rewards to use in the airport

✅ Your car is safe and secure

✅ No need to get a shuttle bus

What is off-site Perth airport parking? A

At Perth Airport the Off-site airport parking are 3rd party parking companies that are located about 10mins away from the airport and do not directly work with the Perth Airport, they own the car parks and make sure that the parking is a good user experience for travelers just like the On-site airport parking. The biggest difference is that with Off-site parking you will need to get a shuttle bus from the complex to the airport and that is included.

 Faq’s asked by Parking Deals Australia Customers 

Are off-site airport parking complex’s safe?

Yes- Off-site airport parking complexes have 24/7 security to ensure that your car is safe and secure plus they have insurance so if anything does happen you are covered but this does vary between car park so we do encourage you to read the T’s & C’s when parking.

Why are the off-site parking complex’s cheaper than Perth Airport?

Being situated about a 10 minute drive from the airport the parking complexes are not as convenient as the onsite Perth airport parking so that is why they are cheaper but to complement they have free shuttle buses that are always on time and perfect for getting to the airport on time.

How do book off-site airport parking?

To book off airport Perth parking you simply just go the complex’s website and book online. You can get quotes for your parking and then book and park.

Which is the best Perth Airport parking option? Here’s how they compare: