From when will I be charged?

We will start billing you 1- 3 days from when the card is sent to you.


This allows time for the card to be delivered to you and activated.

If we hand deliver you the card, then the card will be activated from that day.

What if I want to leave before the 2-month contract finished.

You must sign up for a minimum of 2 months and the price will not change during that time. If you wish to leave before the 2 months you will be charged a admin fee of $100.

How can I cancel my card?

It’s sad to see you go ?

But sure, we can cancel your card and payments within 24 hours.

Cancel your card by contacting customer service here

Please note that will be charged for the full month you cancelled in.

Simply contact our team and we will cancel your card.

If you wish to leave before the 2 months you will be charged an admin fee of $100.

What if I’m going away and not using the card?

If you are going away and not using the card, simply let us know the dates that you are away a minimum of 2 weeks in advance. We will pause your card as we don’t want to be charging you for when you’re not using the card.

Please note that we will not refund you for the time that your away if you don’t let us know. You must let us know not later than 2 weeks in advance.

I lost my card, what do I do?

No need to worry. Simply contact our team and we will arrange a new card for you. In the meantime, we will arrange a temporary pass for you.

Please note that a new card will cost $20.

I have a problem with the card?

Contact our team and we will fix your problem as soon as possible.

24/7 Contact  

Will my price ever change?

As you may know the parking market changes very often due to government levies. We cannot assure you that the price you pay will never change but no need to worry as we will do our best to make it as cheap as possible. We ensure that the most the price can rise to until 2020 is $350/Month

Can I use my card at all the car parks?

Your card will only allow you access to the car park you have selected (Myer Centre) . You can always find a great deal on Parking Deals Australia if you need to park at another car park.

Can I pay in advance?

We charge you $396 and then once you receive your card you will be charged $396 every (28 days)  from that day.

We can arrange for you to pay up front if you choose to secure the same price during that period.

Prices may change due to company parking.

Does Parking Deals Australia own the car park?

No, we do not. All car parks are managed by car park operators.

Owner – Myer Centre Car Park

I want to purchase cards for my company

Sure – We can arrange bulk payments to one company.

We can also cater specific plans to your company’s needs.

Simply contact our team.

From when will I be charged?

You will be charged monthly (Every 28 days) from the purchase date.

Membership T’s and C’s

Platinum Park Membership Card Terms and conditions

When purchasing a Platinum Park Membership Card from Parking Deals Australia, you agree to all the term’s and conditions below.

  1. You allow Parking Deals Australia to direct debit you the purchase amount.
  2. You will be set up on a monthly direct debit subscription depending on your payment plan.
  3. Billing will start  1- 3 days from the purchase date depending on delivery.
  4. When signing up you will be locked into a 2-month minimum contract where you must pay monthly.
  5. If you choose to break the contract you will be charged a $100 admin fee direct debit.
  6. You will be able to keep your Platinum Park Card, however, it will be deactivated or we can collect it from you.
  7. You agree to all of the car park T’s and C’s.
  8. If you lose your card you will be charged a $20 replacement fee.
  9. To cancel your card you must contact the Parking Deals Australia team, otherwise, you will keep being charged.
  10. If you wish to pause your card you must contact Parking Deals Australia 2 weeks prior.
  11. After the 2 month lock-in period the monthly price may change.
  12. Parking Deals Australia is not responsible for any in car park accidents or problems.
  13. Once you purchase your card you must pay the monthly price, you can only not pay by pausing the card or canceling.
  14. You cannot pause the membership within the first 2 months.
  15. The access card can only be used for one car at a time.
  16. You cannot purchase a card and then sell on the card to someone else.
  17. Your payment details will be kept safe and secure. Our payment processing is conducted by Stripe a secure platform.
  18. Parking Deals Australia will not pay for lost cards, parking fines, or cards if they are damaged.
  19. Parking Deals Australia cannot control the availability of car park spaces. If the car park is full contact Myer Centre.
  20. When using your Platinum Park Card,  you must follow the Myer Centre Car Parks T’s & C’s here  
  21.  E-mail us at [email protected]Telephone us on (07) 3229 1699

    Write to us at Myer Centre Car Park, PO Box 12274, George Street, QLD 4000