Platinum Park Membership Card Terms and conditions

When purchasing a Platinum Park Membership Card from Parking Deals Australia, you agree to all the term’s and conditions below.

  1. You allow Parking Deals Australia to direct debit you the purchase amount.
  2. You will be set up on a weekly direct debit subscription for the purchase price every week from the set date ( 3 days from the purchase date )
  3. When signing up you will be locked into a 3-month minimum contract where you must pay weekly.
  4. If you choose to break the contract you will be charged a $100 admin fee direct debit.
  5. You will be able to keep your Platinum Park Card, however, it will be deactivated.
  6. You agree to all of the car parks T’s and C’s.
  7. If you lose your card you will be charged a $20 replacement fee.
  8. To cancel your card you must contact the Parking Deals Australia team, otherwise, you will keep being charged.
  9. If you wish to pause your card you must contact Parking Deals Australia 2 weeks prior.
  10. After the 3 month lock-in period the weekly price may change.
  11. Parking Deals Australia is not responsible for any in car park accidents or problems.
  12. Once you purchase your card you must pay the weekly price, you can only not pay by pausing the card or cancelling.
  13. You cannot pause the membership within the first 3 months.
  14. You must adhere to all T’s and C’s when purchasing the Parking Deals Australia Platinum Park Card.