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Why You Should Book a Monthly Car Park With Parking Deals Australia 

Looking for an affordable monthly parking space in Melbourne? In Melbourne you will find that parking rates can change significantly depending on the car park provider, location and demand. Indoor/reserved parking will often be more expensive compared to outdoor/un-reserved parking. As a rule of thumb the closer to the city centre that your monthly car parking spot is located the higher the price as Realestate prices and demand increases. 

To make your search for a monthly parking space easier the Parking Deals Australia team has done the work to source you some fantastic monthly car parking options for your to consider. We also offer some discount and coupon codes that can really save you a lot of money on your parking.  So whether you just need a monthly parking space in Melbourne for just a couple months or maybe even a year  let Parking Deals Australia help you source the best car park option available.

Melbourne Monthly Parking FAQs
How much does monthly parking cost in Melbourne?

The cost of monthly parking in Melbourne ranges from as little as $99/month* to over $1000* a month and these prices are based on the car parks location, parking type such as reserved or unreserved parking. As a rule of thumb the closer your car park is to the city centre the more expensive the monthly cost will be. You can compare Melbourne monthly parking rates Here

How much is reserved monthly parking at in Melbourne?

Reserved parking is the most secure and convenient monthly parking option as you will always have a parking spot that only you can use. The cost of reserved parking can be as little as $180/month in Melbourne but on average the cost is around $400 – $500. 

How can I save on my Melbourne Monthly car parking?

Our number one tip is to always compare your parking options and that’s what Parking Deals Australia makes easy. We also offer fantastic promo codes and deals that can save you a lot of money on your car park. If you are after the cheapest parking un-reserved monthly parking will always be the cheapest compared to reserved parking.

How long can you book monthly parking for?

You can book monthly parking for as long as you want, usually car parks have a minimum term that you can park for, such as 3 months. 

What is the difference between Un-reserved and Reserved monthly parking?

Reserved parking means you have your own parking space that only you can park in, this is usually shown by a sign on the parking space. Un-reserved parking means you can park in any parking space in a specific car park. 

How do you get access to a monthly parking space?

Access to your monthly car park can be different at each location however most car parks just have an access card that you swipe in and out with which will make the boom gate open and close. Some car parks may have pin codes or access remotes. 

How do you get a monthly parking quote?

To get a quote for monthly parking you will either be able to get a quote with Parking Deals Australia or you will have to contact the car parking company and ask for a quote at a specific parking location as prices can often change. 

How do you book monthly parking?

You can pre-book your monthly parking online with Parking Deals Australia and you will be able to park on a recurring monthly subscription. Alternatively, car parks will send you a monthly invoice that you pay and that renews your parking. 

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