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What is Parking Deals Australia?

Since 2016 Parking Deals Australia has been helping 10,000's of Sydney based customers save money on their parking. We offer a wide selection of parking deals from the CBD to the Sydney Airport to ensure all our customers are satisfied. How do we do it you may ask? We work with parking providers directly to negotiate cheap parking rates for our customers up to 60% off their standard rates but we also make it easy for you to find deals with companies we are not partnered with because we care about giving our customers the best deals. So basically if we find an offer that is amazing we will make it easy for you to find, use and save money on your next park...simple!

How does it work?

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What parking do you need? maybe the airport, early bird or even monthly parking. We have it all so simply select your parking type above and then you can view all the relevant deals to that section.

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Compare and browse all our parking deals for your parking types. We have plenty of deals for you to use and you can save up to 60%! You are really spoilt for choice with us on Parking Deals Australia!

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Once you have found your perfect Sydney Parking Deal its time to book it! There are a couple of different deals such as coupons, links or entry times so read the deal and follow the instructions on the parking site.

Popular Parking Deal Types

Airport Parking

We offer a wide range of Sydney Airport parking deals. Our offers are for off-site parking providers which are car parks based around the Sydney Airport. Airport parking is super easy for both domestic and international travellers. Save up to 10% on your Sydney Airport Parking now.

Early Bird Parking

Early Bird Parking is great if you work in the Sydney CBD. There are plenty of amazing early bird parking deals offered by parking companies that make it affordable to park all day long. Most deals are based around entry and exit times so be sure to check the T's & C's

Cruise Parking

More than 1 million people cruise each year out of Sydney's cruise port. We offer fantastic solutions to your cruise parking needs and ensure you can park cheap for while you are away with our Sydney Cruise car park. Browse our great cruise parking deals.

Monthly Parking

If you park more than a couple times a week in the city then you should consider one of our monthly parking deals. Park in the city from $150/Month with 24/7 entry and reserved parking. Monthly parking is total freedom and really cost effective compared to daily parking

A few great Sydney Parking Providers

Sydney AirPark is located 5 minutes away from Sydney airport and offers secure indoor parking with free shuttle bus transfers for all clients. You can pre-book parking online at great rates with Parking Deals Australia and save up to 60%. 

Holiday Inn Hotels have multiple car parks that are bookable through Parking Deals Australia in Sydney. Mainly at Sydney Airport and the Sydney Cruise terminals. Great prices and easy parking is always guaranteed with Holiday Inn Parking. 

If you’r looking for long term parking over 1 month or more at Sydney Airport. Airport Auto Storage is the leader for long term parking to ensure that your car is safe and in great working order for when you return. Their fixed monthly rates are highly affordable. 

Parkhound is one of Australia’s most innovative parking companies. Not only can you park really cheap with Parkhound but you can also make money from your spare parking spaces by renting them out on their platform and making money. You can park with Parkhound at almost every location in Australia

Wilson Parking is Australia’s #1 Parking company with 100’s of car parks throughout Australia. Wilson Parking has all your parking needs covered & Parking Deals Australia has all the best Wilson parking deals!

Park & Fly is Sydney’s largest off-site parking provider. Offering awesome customer service and affordable parking they make all Sydney travellers parking super easy. 

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