Why Parking Deals Australia?
Parking Deals Australia is Australia’s #1 parking deal & discount platform. Helping 10,000’s of thousands of aussies make their parking experiences easier and cheaper with 100’s of parking deals, discounts and coupons from all the major parking companies across Australia that you can use and easily pre-book online.
We are 100% Australian owned and operated with our team working 24/7 to help you when parking with 100’s of valid parking deals and great customer service to help you find the best parking for your needs. If you are ever struggling to find the right parking deal or just have a parking question, feel free to either call our customer service team or email us. 
What Makes Us The Best?
The Parking Deals Australia team are real people, not computers. We care about our customers and make your experience our number one priority. The truth is that parking sucks and millions of people have bad parking experiences but that is why Parking Deals Australia is here to help you not only save on your parking but also help you save time and frustration when parking. 
Our Story 
Parking Deals Australia was founded in late 2016 by the then 15 year old Rylan Kindness who is currently the CEO and Founder.  Starting out in his bedroom with the idea of just helping his family save money on parking and the future idea that it could help other people and could even become a business, Parking Deals Australia was launched. Rylan’s home of Brisbane was the first city the site featured and before Rylan knew it, each month Parking Deals Australia had 100’s and then 1000’s of people using the site and actually saving money on parking. Fast forward to now (over 3 years of hard work) Parking Deals Australia with a team over nearly 10 people at the HQ office, operates across Australia with over 40 parking company partners and each month helps 10’s of thousands of people save money on parking. From here Parking Deals Australia is going to help people more and more within the parking industry and will solve pain points for every day parkers

Rylan Kindness (CEO & Founder at Parking Deals Australia)